Superfood Company Kroma Launches With Funding From Gwyneth Paltrow

Wellness brand Kroma is launching July 22 with funding from Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Schumer, Jessica Seinfeld and others. 

The brand has raised $5.5 million in total from Roth Capital Partners, Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew, Kings Point Capital, Skylar Diggins, Fiona Rudin, Noria Morales, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and others. 

Kroma aims to combine function and flavor with a superfood-filled line that includes broths, smoothie blends, adaptogen lattes, teas, snacks and supplements, as well as a five-day reset that was beta-tested on 1,330 people. It will be sold online.

CEO and founder Lisa Odenweller is no stranger to the health and superfood space. She also founded Beaming, a lifestyle wellness company with several café locations in Southern California that raised $4.5 million in capital. After leaving Beaming in 2018, Odenweller set out to fill a void in the market for a custom nutrition program that didn’t promote sugary juices or deprivation, while also making “healthy taste so delicious [that] it’s irresistible.”

Enter Kroma’s Reset program, which provides five days of customizable, shelf stable meals to re-establish a healthy lifestyle. Kroma also sells the products individually and is launching a one-day Reset program, which is entirely vegan. Prices range from $15 to $465 for the deluxe reset. 

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The brand name refers to the color and purity of Mother Nature, Odenweller said. Her goal is to reach as many customers as possible to teach them about food’s medicinal power in an accessible and convenient way. It’s about “waking people up to the power that we have over our own health and that what we put in our body matters,” she said. 

With the wellness space expanding especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, Kroma aims to promote understanding of superfoods. The brand will launch an educational app in August that allows consumers to better understand their reset, as well as learn more about superfoods. Each packaged item also includes an educational tip. 

The program’s flexibility and customization have resulted in support from celebrity investors. Schumer noted in a statement that Kroma had “perfect ingredients that give you more than enough energy to tackle your day. Taking the decisions out of meals was huge for me while working.” Paltrow, who had been a fan of Beaming, was excited to support Odenweller’s latest health and wellness venture. Kroma is using the $5.5 million in funding to support their launch and continue to expand based on customer feedback.

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