Alkaline body care application, benefits, self-made

The alkaline body care is in recent years become a real Trend. Numerous products are advertised with their basic properties, which should have a positive effect on the skin and this way the body to detoxify. Often the idea of a General Acidification of the organism to be combated, among other things, by means of alkaline body care and other measures, such as base excess food, stands behind it.

However, the basic is skin care from the point of view of naturopathy, and from the point of view of conventional medicine? How is it applied? It can be self-made products need to be purchased?

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Tasks of the skin

The skin is an area of approximately 1.7 square meters, a thickness of 1.5 to 4 millimeters and a weight of 3.5 to 10 kilograms, the largest and heaviest Organ of the human body. It protects the body from influences such as heat, cold, harmful environmental influences and pathogens and separates the interior of the body from the outside world.

The skin is among the organs of sense. It is equipped with Tactile corpuscles and sensory cells. Thus, you can perceive pain and temperature changes. You are using your sweat glands liquid. By the resulting evaporative cooling, as well as by constriction or dilation of the skin vessels, it is involved in the regulation of body temperature. The skin is transported to the welding of various substances to the outside, including potassium, Calcium, sodium, and chloride, in addition, for example, cholesterol, urea and butyric acid as well as acid and a substance called Dermicidin, and stores the precursor to Vitamin D3.

Viewed holistically, the skin is the “mirror of the soul”. This means that sensations, mental problems and damage to the skin. The skin reflects the organic and emotional sensitivities. Everyone knows the Blush is a Surprise, shame, or shyness.

Sayings, such as “the own skin to resist” or “under my skin”, on the sensitive portion of the skin attention. The skin is also a mirror image of organic disorders. For example, in the case of liver disease itching, a bile congestion to the yellow discoloration of the skin, with heart defects to red cheeks, and in the case of massive renal disease to a pale flap of grey colour.

The acid protection mantle of the skin

The so-called protective acid mantle has a pH value between 5.2 and 5.9 – he is in the acidic range. He serves an important immune function, because every day our skin comes with a variety of micro-organisms in contact. Mainly the bacteria, the try over the skin to enter the body. Prior to that, the acid mantle of the skin, whose pH is approximately between 5 and 6 protects. In welding, an anti-can be found in addition, antibiotic-acting substance that Dermicidin is, and is able to ward off many bacteria.

Many herbalists inside and herbalists are of the opinion that this is the acid value of the skin surface is not necessarily a protection, but a sign of an Acidification of the entire body. Therefore, measurements from over 50 years ago showed that the average pH of the skin was at 6.2, so less acidic than the one today, people live. Thus, the representatives of this theory rises from the point of view at the same time the risk for allergies and skin diseases. These assumptions, however, are not so far conclusive studies detectable.

The theory of Acidification of the body

When one speaks of an over-Acidification of the body, one must distinguish very carefully. Many herbalists inside and herbalists understand, including an increased acid concentration in the cells and intercellular spaces. In this context, the speech, which is not more precisely defined is also of the so-called “slag”, but often acids, toxins and other unwanted residues of the metabolism is supposed to describe. With an Acidification of the body, for example, complaints such as headaches, concentration difficulties, problems, fatigue, listlessness, and weight of skin-associated increase in. Also, diseases such as hardening of the arteries, cancer, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis are associated with it.

The theory of a possible Acidification of the body is mainly due to the alternative medical in the direction of the ortho-molecular medicine. As the cause of a so-understood Acidosis, an unhealthy way of life with an unbalanced, zucker&#8211 is often; and protein-heavy diet with lots of saturated fats and preservatives, lack of exercise and a lot of Stress. The Acidosis should be corrected with dietary supplements and basic applications (internally and externally), and also, if possible, with a change of diet, and General way of life. However, this Form of Acidosis is proving very difficult and this is why, until now, not been sufficiently proven.

Of which it is another Form of over-Acidification of the delineate, which is clearly detectable. This relates to an increased acidity of the blood and acidosis is called. For example, it can be through an asthma attack or impairment of the function of the kidney is triggered and is a medical emergency that must be treated right away.

Skin care: prefers alkaline or acidic?

More than 50 years ago, it was perfectly normal to use alkaline care products. A well-known example is the soap, the core, the pH-value is between 8.5 and 8.0, so completely in the alkaline range. Later was responsible for the theory that you should pH, use neutral-care products, or those that have a similar pH value as the skin, so in the acidic pH range to classify.

Supporters and followers of the over-acidification of the theory, including many herbalists inside and herbalists, are of the opinion that the use of alkaline products is better for the skin. Alkaline body care attempts to solve, therefore, by means of osmosis, acid and this away. In addition, in order for the skin to be stimulated, slag, and natural re-lubrication. Apart from the supply of acid, the effect is not sufficiently substantiated, as is the presence of “slag” in the body. In addition, the question of whether the change in the acidic pH of the skin through the use of basic care products is not also the protective function of the skin barrier and so their contribution to the immune system is compromised.

Most of the School physicians and school physicians to keep toiletries with acidic pH value makes more sense, because you should be less intervention in the natural pH of the skin. The effect of alkaline baths for detoxification, however, are the ghosts for you: Some consider the use of the baths for ineffective, others recommend him.

Since each person is individual and there are different types of skin and different care needs, General recommendations at this point, is difficult – also due to the fact that no solid evidence of the beneficial effect of basic toiletries. If in doubt, you could try both variants and find out for yourself what your skin responds best. Basic skin care products are meant to work moisturizing and would thus be especially worth a try if you are prone to dry skin. In the case of specific skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, it is best to ask prior to application of alkaline products a skin doctor or a skin doctor for advice.

Also a General recommendation as to whether purchased or self-manufactured products are better, is hard to give. Both commercially purchased and self-made products can contain good or bad ingredients and it is the most suitable as well as unsuitable for your skin type.

More generally, one can say that during the purchase of own manufacture of care products, care should be taken that these do not contain ingredients based on mineral oil. In addition, in the case of vegetable substances in products are to be preferred, which are prepared with ingredients from organic farming, since you will find no residues of chemical pesticides in it. Micro-plastic should be avoided for the protection of humans and the environment. Certainly there are a number of other criteria you should keep in mind; because what is well tolerated, in many cases depends also on the own skin type, any skin problems or allergies. You can, in case of doubt, please be advised individually.

Basically, you should not wash your skin too often, as otherwise the natural protective film is repeatedly attacked. This applies in particular for the cleaning of sensitive baby skin, less is more here.

Base baths: instructions and effect

Base baths are to act as a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin and is proven to help in the prevention and alleviation of muscle soreness. Some talk also has a detoxifying effect. If you want to try alkaline baths by yourself, you can take one to two Times a week, a full bath with a basic additive. The base powder is available in most good drugstores sort, in health food stores or in the pharmacy, or can customize it yourself (see below).

An alkaline bath prior to the beginning of a pH of at least 8.4. This can be measured with the aid of an indicator paper. The bath with the temperature of approximately 38 degrees Celsius is added to the base powder, so much so that at least a pH value of 8.4 is achieved. The exact dosage is indicated for purchased products is also on the pack, however, can vary by the degree of water hardness. The bath time should be a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of two hours. With increasing duration of a bath, the pH drops to approximately 7.5. This is done by acids, which are dissolved through the osmosis effect of the base bath from the body and into the bath water. It is demonstrated that an alkaline bath drains the body of acids. Whether this is useful or necessary has not yet been proven.

If you do not have the time or the opportunity to take an alkaline full bath, you can also take a foot bath with a basic additive. The duration is between 30 and 60 minutes at a temperature of approximately 38 degrees Celsius. The alkaline foot bath, you can apply it several times a week.

Note: Generally, for full baths and foot baths, for diseases of the cardiovascular system such as hypertension, pre-a doctor or a Physician asked should be whether or not in your case baths are recommended and, if so, at what temperature. This is also true for varicose veins; here, it is not enough, usually, to have a bath too hot. Especially in the case of base bathrooms also diabetics should first consult with your doctor or health care professional.

Before please make sure to take during and after the bath, a sufficient amount of liquid and leave you gently on the sink, if you notice that you get circulatory problems.

Recipe for a basic Bath

For a self-made base powder you can simply use baking soda. Depending on the degree of water hardness is needed for a full bath, about 80 to 100 grams of bicarbonate of soda. For a foot bath you take according to the amount of water is less. Depending on your taste and needs, you can add to the bath water a few drops of an essential Oil. You can use essential Oils, please advise on the purchase. (sw, kh)