Men get BEADS inserted into their penises in a bid to be better at sex

Jenova says pearling can help to make the penis feel thicker and more appealing to women.

She added: “Genital beading is sometimes used for decoration but mostly used to greatly improve your sex life due to the increased girth, enhanced sensitivity and extra pressure.

“They benefit yourself and your partner!”

These claims are echoed by Dr Natalie Atere-Roberts, a GP for medical helpline Dr Morton’s.

She previously remarked: “Enhancing sensation during intercourse is one of the reasons many men have the procedure done.

“In the same way that ribbed condoms work, having beads under the skin of the penis can lead to added stimulation for both the male and female partner, helping them to achieve orgasm and perhaps make them more intense.”

In most cases, patients recover from pearling after two weeks.

But like with any op, there are some risks with getting genital beads inserted.

Doctors warn that the procedure can cause tetanus, banality or gangrene – and in serious cases it could lead to the penis being amputated.

Those who are considering pearling should always do their research and book in with a licensed professional.

Dr Candice Nicole highlighted the risks in an interview with Daily Star Online.

She explained: “Although pearling is typically safe when a piercing professional inserts the beads, the health risks of genital beading can include infections, erectile dysfunction, bodily rejection of the pearl, scarring and pain.

“For those done at home, the health risks increase exponentially, because the person is often untrained about the anatomy of a penis, how deep to make the incisions, what types of tools to use and how to sanitise them properly.

“This increases the risk infection and injury substantially.”

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