Who has more fun? Length of male and female orgasms revealed

Women can find it more difficult to climax during sex.

But when it comes to orgasming, there is one advantage that they have.

Ladies enjoy the pleasure of a Big-O for two seconds longer than blokes do.

So how long do orgasms last for women and men?

In celebration of National Orgasm Day, sex toy retailer Lovehoney quizzed shoppers on their bedroom behaviours.

Researchers asked 1,000 people how long their climaxes lost for.

And in this department, women came out on top.

On average, female participants said their orgasm goes on for 10.9 seconds.

The male orgasm was less long-lasting, averaging at 8.7 seconds.

Previously, we revealed women orgasm far less frequently than men.

A study published in the journal of sexual medicine looked at 1,683 heterosexual newlywed couples. 

Researchers surveyed husbands about how often they thought their wives climaxed and compared those results the women’s self reported orgasms.

In news that will shock very few heterosexual women, the men were way off.

A whopping 87% of husbands and reported consistently experiencing orgasm. 

In contrast, just 49% of wives did. 

Meanwhile, 43% of husbands misperceived how often their wives experienced orgasm. 

This research correlates with what sexual researchers call the “orgasm gap”.

In 2017, The Archives of Sexual Behaviour published research that showed 95% of straight men usually or always climax during sex – compared to only 65% of heterosexual women.

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