Why Mom of Three Zoe Saldana Is Done Having Kids for Now: It 'Feels a Bit Irresponsible'

Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego are “up to capacity” when it comes to expanding their household.

“If we were individuals that lived a much more consistent life, then we would entertain [having more kids],” the Marvel Cinematic Universe star, 40, tells PEOPLE. “But we don’t know when we’re going to be traveling and for how long, so bringing more children into an already hectic and full life just feels a bit irresponsible for us.”

The mom of three boys — Zen Anton Hilario, 2, and twins Bowie Ezio and Cy Aridio, 4 — certainly has her hands full. But despite her busy schedule, which includes working on two major film franchises (Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy) and, most recently, a partnership with Planet Oat Oatmilk, Saldana says her boys are always her No. 1.

“Of all the things that I have going on right now, my children are my most important priority,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “And I know that my husband can say the same.”

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As for her parenting style, the actress says she and Perego, who wed in an intimate ceremony six years ago, are “super hands on and very meticulous,” especially when it comes to nutrition.

“We have to cook for our kids,” Saldana says. “We honestly believe that nobody feeds them as good as we do. … We want to make sure that their health never falls through the cracks.”

The star adds that, with 5.7 million Instagram followers eyeing her every move, she’s careful of how much she exposes her children to the public.

“No matter how much we go around it, it just feels like we would be violating their rights of telling us whether they feel comfortable with [social media] or not,” Saldana says. “They’re too young to choose for themselves.”


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But just because she doesn’t post about Cy, Bowie and Zen very often doesn’t mean their mom isn’t thinking about them all the time.

In fact, Saldana can’t stop talking about her boys in real life. Whether she’s at work, chatting with friends over the phone or catching up with a neighbor, she tells PEOPLE her children are “all I talk about from when I wake up until when I go to sleep.”

When she does post an occasional picture of Cy, Bowie or Zen, Saldana doesn’t even bother to read the comments, saying the negative ones simply “don’t add any value to my life.”

The actress explains, “I have so much respect for other people’s lives and how they choose to live it, so I don’t even dare to go there.”

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The Star Trek actress recently told archdigest.com that she and Perego designed their home with the boys in mind. The result is a space that’s safe, but also non-restrictive.

“I wanted to make sure that in addition to everything being beautiful and affordable and super artistic, I wanted it to be child-safe,” Saldana told the outlet. “I have three boys and they’re going to be jumping, ripping and biting. I also wanted it to be durable.”

She added that family time now includes planting in the new outdoor garden she and Perego built: “It gives them that experience of nature and growing. There’s pride you take in that.”

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