13 Quick & Easy Saint Patrick's Day Desserts to Make With Your Kids

When it comes to holidays, St. Patrick’s day may not be the most popular one to celebrate. Everybody still has to go to work and school, and if you don’t have Irish roots, it’s easy to forget about the day altogether. That’s a shame, though, because it’s the perfect time to get creative with some fun, festive (green!) desserts, without the pressure that major holidays tend to bring. Plus, with all the talk of magic and rainbows and leprechauns, it’s one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with kids.

And of course your kids are going to want to help make a festive dessert to celebrate the holiday. The key to a festive dessert that won’t take hours is keeping it simple by using candies, sprinkles, and food coloring as edible decorations. You can go all-out and dye cake batter several different colors for a rainbow or keep things super simple with dipped Oreos or candy-covered chocolate bark. The 13 Saint Patrick’s Day dessert ideas below are fun to eat and fun to make, and all of them are perfect for little helping hands. Whether you’re looking for something to bring to a school party, or just want a special after-dinner treat, there’s something here for you.

Saint Patrick’s Day parfait

These green parfaits are layered and fun, but putting them together is easy: Just whip up some instant pudding, add some green food coloring, and layer it with cool whip, brownies, and mint chocolate candies.

Leprechaun bark

If you don’t feel like dealing with getting food coloring everywhere, this easy leprechaun bark gets its color from candy and sprinkles.


Pot of gold Oreos

These souped-up pot of gold Oreos are undeniably fun, and the only “cooking” necessary is melting chocolate.

Luck of the Irish cake balls

Cake balls are a little fussy, sure, but it’s pretty fun to mush up cake and roll it into balls.

Saint Patrick’s Day green and white bundt cake

This green and white bundt cake is super colorful, but you don’t have to be precise with drizzling the frosting. In other words, it’s a kid-friendly task.


Rainbow cake roll

Admittedly, this rainbow cake roll is more of an intermediate-level dessert. You’ll need a piping bag for each different color batter you use, but other than that, it’s as easy as cake (heh).

Lucky Charms surprise-inside cupcakes

Want a simple, miniature take on the surprise-inside cake? Try these green surprise-inside cupcakes, which house Lucky Charms marshmallows under a thick smear of frosting.


Saint Patrick’s Day sugar cookie bars

Sugar cookie bars are an anytime classic, but here they get holiday treatment with a spread of green topping and some festive nonpareils.


McDonald’s copycat shamrock shake

There’s no heat required to throw together this thick, creamy, mega-satisfying shamrock shake. And, the whole ordeal only takes about a minute!


Saint Patrick’s Day popcorn

If fishing the shamrock sprinkles out of a box of Lucky Charms seems like a little too much work for a bowl of green-flecked popcorn, use a little bit of green food coloring to dye mini marshmallows instead.

Saint Patrick’s Day trail mix

You don’t need to be mid-hike to enjoy this sweet, chocolatey St. Patrick’s Day trail mix.

Marshmallow leprechaun hats

These adorable leprechaun hats are all about assembly, so it helps to have plenty of little hands available to help.

Green Rice Krispies treats

If you want an easy dessert that’ll feed a crowd, it doesn’t get much simpler than these green Rice Krispies treats.

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