3 different types of sweat and how to reduce your embarrassing armpit problem

All sweat is not created equal.

Some may be far more prone to being sweaty, with different types of sweat affecting different types of the body.

Excessive sweating has much to do with a person’s DNA, but there are other factors at play and even different types of sweat.

The three different types of sweat include:

Body sweat

This is often odourless and is the type of liquid which is secreted during a workout or when in hot climates.

Hand and foot sweat

This is sweat felt on the palms and soles of the feet and can often occur in a perceived dangerous situation or when you feel anxious.

Body odour sweat

This is sweat that comes from the armpits and the genital area and is the type that produces odour due to bacteria living in these places.

Why some people sweat more than others

Most often, those who are bigger in size will suffer more with sweat issues.

This is because they generate more heat because they have to move more body mass, which results in more heat being generated and therefore more sweat.

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Health experts explain that when there is a greater surface area, the body requires more perspiration to help cool it down.

Age is another factor as the body is less tolerant to heat when you get older.

In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, causes for sweat were investigated.

It found that people with obesity were more likely to develop hyperhidrosis later in life.

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition which causes excessive and all-over sweating that can last a while as the body tries to cool itself off.

How to stop sweating

Tips to help reduce your sweat include:

  • Wearing the right clothes, such as those made with sweat-wicking fabric
  • Exercising in cooler temperatures
  • Spending a few days acclimating to the heat
  • Drinking enough water, especially if you sweat heavily
  • Changing your shoes and socks often
  • Putting antiperspirant on your hairline or other parts to curb localised sweat.


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