5 Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Rosie Huntington Whitley swears by it, as does Shay Mitchell, Nick Jonas and Miranda Kerr. And considering it makes spontaneous sex way, well… sexier, there’s no wondering why so many celebs strip off before bed. But in truth, that’s not the only reason to get naked tonight. Here, we lay down all the benefits off nodding off in the nude.

1. Your vag will thank you for it

When we wear tight undies overnight it creates a warm, moist breeding ground for bacteria to grow down there, which can potentially cause all kinds of less-than-ideal infections. By sleeping naked, it airs everything out and helps keeps our lady bits functioning as they should.

2. You’ll get better quality zzz’s

Previous studies have shown that the cooler the climate, the better the quality of sleep. Motive enough to skip the flannelette PJs – no matter the forecast outside. In fact, our body temp naturally declines as we doze, so wearing lots of layers makes it much harder for us to release heat.

3. It literally keeps you young

While the warmer weather brings about a ton of perks, beauty sleep isn’t one of them. When we get too hot at night it stops the anti-ageing hormones from being able to work their regenerative magic. This is because our bodies are designed to release melatonin and HGH as the temp drops, which in turn, keeps the skin soft, supple and luminous.

4. You’ll have a better sex life

Easy access aside, the skin-to-skin contact you get from sleeping in the buff promotes feel-good chemicals like oxytocin (aka, the cuddle hormone) being produced. Over time, you’ll find yourself in the mood more often and it’ll lead to stronger orgasms too.

5. It’ll boost your fertility

This one’s for the fellas: back in 2015, researchers found that guys who slept naked (or wore loose boxers) had higher-quality sperm than those who wore tighty-whities to bed. Again, this was put down to the temperature – testicles stay way cooler when they’re not covered.

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