Basil: Always cutting instead of plucking!

Basil: Better cutting instead of plucking

Basil has a peppery-sweet, aromatic flavour that gives many dishes a special touch. The Aroma for a few days by placing the leaves with the stems in a damp kitchen paper put a fresh box in the refrigerator. Basil is also great in ice cubes or freeze them in the Form of Oils preserved in the process. A bottle is filled with a high quality olive oil. Garlic and two handfuls of washed leaves and tightly closed eight to ten days.

Basil is a delicate culinary herb. Often it looks in the supermarket still fresh and crisp, to hang at home but after a few days, the leaves. If you pay attention to a few things, have more of the aromatic Green.

Kitchen herbs in the pot as a Basil look at the time of Sale in the supermarket, in General, perfectly. Often, however, you have a long transport routes. A transparent plastic shell of the Plant support and a protected Micro-environment. It is not recommended to remove this protective film is also home completely, but to shorten a day by a centimetre. So the delicate flower has the ability to adjust to the new environment.

Ideal for a Sunny, wind-protected space on the windowsill or on the balcony, because Basil loves light and heat. The Italian cuisine classic is in need of daily water, but only small amounts, so that no water is formed. Often herbs from the supermarket are planted very densely. You can grow better if you separated into a plurality of parts, and with potting soil in a larger box. Compost, horn shavings, or coffee grounds enrich the soil with nutrients.

Basil benefits from a regular harvest. Not indiscriminately individual leaves should be plucked out. First of all, you used the axils of the largest leaves and top-shoots up to the next leaf, so that new shoots can grow. The stems are separated with a sharp knife or scissors. The optimal time of harvest, the Sunny hours of the morning. Heike Kreutz