Bloating: The 43p snack that can help beat it during the ‘worst’ season for bloating

Easy Ways to Live Well: Steph McGovern discusses bloating

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Bloating can be caused by our diet and the lack of movement which makes winter the “worst time” for this issue, shared wellness expert Lisa Harris. As we reach for “naughty” foods full of starch and spend more times indoors, the feeling of a stretched tummy can be a new constant. Harris told how to beat the bloat just by enjoying a healthy snack.

The wellness expert shared the healthy snack able to beat the bloat is celery.

Harris said the reason why celery can help with bloating is because it’s diuretic, which she described as something “helping you to de-bloat”.

She said: “Celery is 95 percent water and contains generous amounts of dietary fibre, which helps to prevent constipation and help the flow. 

“It’s quite high concentrated in salts, which actually helps to alkaline the body, so in effect, that’s when you find you’re going to the washroom a little bit more.” 

Celery stops bloating by flushing anything out of the body.

Usually, our bodies are made up of 50 to 60 percent of water, anything extra presents water weight, Medical News Today explains.

When this extra water builds up in the body, it can lead to bloat and puffiness. This is where celery comes to play with its diuretic power.

“Basically, it’s detoxing the liver and it helps to pass more water and bowel movements. That stops the bloating,” noted Harris.

Even though you can get celery in your local shop for as little as 43p, the wellness expert advocates for the organic version of this vegetable.

Harris said: “If it’s filled with pesticides and herbicides, you don’t get the full benefit from the plant so the plant is only as good as a soil it actually grows in.

“So, organic is a must. For instance, a plant that’s being sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, it grows very easily, so it doesn’t produce all those vital nutrients.”

If you are looking for “full-blown nutritional value”, the wellness expert says to turn to organic celery. 

How much celery do I need to eat?

Harris says that as little as three stalks a day can make a difference. She said: ”Do a test today, just have some in a salad.

“I’ll bet you any money in 30 minutes you’ll go to the washroom, it literally helps to flush out the whole body.”

If snacking on the vegetable doesn’t sound like your thing, the expert also recommends trying celery juice.

She added: “Just a daily glass of celery juice can help to balance the bowel flora and help to encourage regular bowel movements.

“Drinking celery juice can help you reach your daily hydration goal and prevent dehydration – which can also cause bloating.”

When to eat celery?

Harris advised starting your day with celery as this is the best time to kickstart your body and prepare it for the day.

“Having a [celery] in the morning boosts your immune system, think of your lymphatic systems, the sewage systems, you need to clean it, you need to flush it out,” she explained.

If you’re not sure what to pair your celery with, try lettuce, which is another diuretic, cucumber, beetroots, or apples, the wellness expert recommended.

Celery won’t only help with bloating but it’s also an anti-inflammatory so it can help with any inflamed areas in the body, it may even help acne.

However, you might want to opt for other options if you’re on blood-thinning medication as celery packs high levels of vitamin K “believed to have a blood-thinning effect”, Harris concluded.

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