Cable enhance wireless headphone such as the AirPods from Apple the risk of cancer?

Technologies, flying blind

250 international researchers signed at the end from over 40 countries recently submitted a Petition, which warns of the devices, the electromagnetic fields (EMF), such as the wireless headphones from Apple (AirPods) or Samsung (Galaxy Buds). The reason: the electromagnetic field (EMF) claim, many experts claim that it is carcinogenic and also other health disadvantages.

The Petition is addressed to the United Nations and the world health organization with the Request to revise the recommendations for EMF radiation. The current guidelines were out of date and the Petition will result in have been new studies done that show that electromagnetic fields are a danger to health than previously thought.

EMF radiation is generated by a wide range of devices

Cordless headphones, mobile phones, cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, radio antennas, baby monitors and other electrical devices generate a low-frequency electromagnetic field, which is under suspicion of damage to health, causing. The 250 experts who have signed the Petition are convinced that EMF radiation is an increased risk for many diseases and negative health conditions, such as:

  • Cancer,
  • cellular Stress,
  • the increase in the number of harmful free Radicals,
  • genetic damage
  • Infertility,
  • Learning and memory deficits,
  • neurological disorders.

Radiation cordless headphones goes directly into the skull

Professor Dr. Jerry Phillips of the University of Colorado, a biochemist and one of the experts who signed the Petition. He is particularly Worried about wireless headphones, such as the AirPods from Apple. “Your placement in the ear canal, the tissue in the head of a relatively high radio frequency radiation,” warns the Professor, in an Interview with the English newspaper “media”. This has mountains of potential risks for tumors and other conditions associated with abnormal cell function. Generally a health risk but of all the technologies that work with radio frequencies, so the biochemist.

“We are flying basically blind”

Together with Phillips, one of the U.S. signatories of the Petition of Joel Moskowitz, the Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California. He stresses that there is work in the range of Bluetooth is very little research. The latest findings suggest, according to him, however, that the types of Radiation that emit these headphones, can have a negative impact on health. He advises to be more careful with such devices, until the situation is clarified. “We are flying basically blind,” says Moskowitz.

The Lack Of Safety Standards

According to the Petition, the current safety standards are based on the guidelines of the International Commission for non-ionising radiation protection (ICNIRP), which was established in the year 1998. These guidelines are accepted by the world health organization and numerous countries. Meanwhile, however, growing scientific evidence would not show that EMF is harmless, as the ICNIRP claims. The scientists of the Petition, therefore demand:

  • Children and pregnant women need to be protected.
  • Guidelines and regulatory standards have to be renewed.
  • Manufacturers should be encouraged, safer technologies to develop.
  • The Public should be more comprehensively on the potential health risks of electromagnetic energy informed.
  • Better harm reduction strategies need to be developed.
  • One of the industry independent research work on electromagnetic fields and health should be funded by the government.