Death by E-cigarettes: cause found?

The numerous lung diseases have been caused and so far, almost 40 deaths as a result of E-cigarette consumption in the United States are most likely due to Vitamin-E-acetate. The US health authority CDC, which found the ingredient in all of the samples of 29 patients from ten States reported.

The cause of the currently in the USA, rampant mysterious lung disease ( reported by E-cigarette is probably found. As the Board of health reported to CDC, confirmed the suspicions against Vitamin-E-acetate. This was already a few weeks ago, as the substance had been found in Liquids, the patient had previously smoked. Now, the CDC has analyzed samples from Diseased and Vitamin E-proven to acetate in all cases. With Vitamin-E-acetate was identified for the first time, a potential toxin that could be for the lung disease, the CDC. Whether this is indeed the case, must now be investigated in further studies.

A possible Toxicological mechanism of the CDC, has made, nor previously, the US food and Drugs administration FDA conjecture. Vitamin E acetate is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin E, which is converted in the body to Vitamin E. Of the Latter, it is known that it decomposes substances, the toxic effects in the lungs can cause.

Caution in the case of nicotine-free Liquids

Lung diseases as a result of E-Cigarette Smoking are referred to by the CDC as a EVALI (E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use-Associated Lung Injury). So far, the dpa news Agency in the US according to news more than 2000 people EVALI ill and 39 have died. The symptoms are nonspecific and can range from difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and chest pain to cases of gastro-intestinal disorders with vomiting and diarrhea.

From Germany, no cases of EVALI are yet to become known. This is probably due to the much stricter rules that apply in this country. Vitamins and other substances, the »health Benefits suggerieren« are prohibited, such as certain aromatic substances, for example caffeine. Caution Institute for risk assessment (BfR) is to be taken, according to the Federal however, in the case of nicotine-free Liquids: they are not subject to the tobacco law and may therefore also contain vitamins and other ingredients that could be a health concern. Also from the self-mixing of Liquids, the BfR advises against absolutely ( reported).