Despite years of hormone therapy: Transgender man gets pregnant and brings a child into the world

For Wyley Simpson of the U.S. state of Texas, the news of his pregnancy was a shock. Not only because it was unplanned. The 28-Year-old was born as a woman, but lives since he was 21. Age as a man.

Since his 21. Years of age under the now 28-Year-old hormone therapy, as well as an adaptation of his sex organs. Because Wyley was born as a girl, identifies herself as a man. The “Mirror”.

Together with his partner Stephan Gaeth, he was able to celebrate the birth of his son Rowan in front of almost half a year. Although unexpected pregnancy is uncertain, the Couple decided the pregnancy not to abort.

Wyley was insulted during his pregnancy day by Strangers and condemned. “I was told that I would never be a man. ‘Men don’t get pregnant’ and everyone called me ‘It’,” says the 28-Year-old news portal.

“I would do it again”

However, not only the constant insults made to him. “With 21 I started my sex change. To have a baby belly was a little Female, that was driving me crazy,“ Simpson says. “But after Rowan’s birth, it was all worth it. I would do it again.“ Facebook/Stephan Gaeth , Stephan and Wyley after the birth of her son.

After the birth Wyley was able to resume hormone therapy. His next step will be the complete sex change is now. Because although the birth was “a great feeling”, would like to Wyley unsubscribe, not another child.