Dr Amir’s amazing hot water bottle trick to keep you COOL and help you sleep in the heat

Dr Amir reveals hot water bottle hack for warm nights

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Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Dr Amir advised to fill the hot water bottle with water (as you normally would do), but then to “put it in the freezer”. This might seem unconventional, but the doctor is certain it will “keep you cool”. Just before you get ready for bed, you can “stick it under your bed shirt”, beamed Dr Amir.


Another way to add to your coolness is to order a pillow cooler, as this will help to reduce your core body temperature.

There are lots of blood vessels in the back of the neck area, so having a cooling pad underneath will help you to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

The Sleep Foundation stated that a room temperature between 15 to 19 degrees Celsius is recommended “for the most comfortable sleep”.

However, parts of the UK reached 28 degrees Celsius on the thermostat recently, so no wonder it’s felt so stuffy at night.

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“Warmer temperatures can cause discomfort and restlessness,” said the Sleep Foundation, but anyone’s personal experience can attest to this.

Too warm of a bedroom can interfere with the body’s “thermoregulation abilities and cause fatigue” – causing the person to feel physically and mentally tired.

“A higher core body temperature has been associated with a decrease in restorative slow-wave sleep,” said the Sleep Foundation.

Thankfully, Amir has another suggestion to help you enjoy a cool night’s sleep.

The NHS doctor recommended “cooling bead eye masks” that you put in the fridge and use to cool you down when you’re ready for bed.

For anyone who has the added pain point of sunburn while trying to sleep, Dr Amir provides home-made remedies.

The first tip is to apply yoghurt to the sunburned areas – and to leave on the skin for five to 10 minutes – up to three days in a row.

The lactic acid and probiotics in the yoghurt are said to “help repair the skin and reduce inflammation”.

If the sunburned area happens to be around the sensitive eye area, then cool tea bags can help.

Dr Amir explained that tea bags contain tannins and antioxidants which will help repair the damage.

In order to help ease sun burn, he also recommends drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and to moisturise the skin.

However, a key ingredient in any moisturiser you use needs to be “aloe vera”.

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