E-cigarettes and tobacco heater: How harmful the cigarettes are Alternatives

It is for cancer researchers, is a rather sad anniversary: 30 years of the 31. May World No Tobacco Day. Scientists see no reason to celebrate.

“Traditional cigarettes cause per year in Germany alone, around 120,000 deaths, but about a quarter of the adult population continue to smoke,” complains Ute Mons from the German cancer research center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg.

But the market has changed, long ago, the tobacco industry promotes E-cigarettes and tobacco heater as an Alternative. How about the supposed “life-saver but”?

How the shift from E-cigarettes could have an impact

Scientists led by David Levy of Georgetown University in Washington, calculated in the last year, in two scenarios how the shift of smokers to E-could affect a large part of cigarettes in the USA to the health.

In an optimistic case, the Team in the journal “Tobacco Control calculated”, that within ten years, 6.6 million premature deaths would be avoided.

Even in a pessimistic history in the E-cigarettes are harmful to the would as then known – there was still 1.6 million fewer deaths than without the switch to Vaping.

So good news for world no tobacco day? Ute Mons sees such predictions with skepticism. Although the switch to E could not create-cigarette is quite a less harmful Alternative for those who stop Smoking with the conventional methods, or want to.

“In the discussion, but the main show is lost in space, often from the point of view. Much more needs to be done in order to motivate smokers to a Smoking stop,“ said the DKFZ, head of Department.

Studies on the consequences of missing

Basically, the researchers emphasize the lack of a final analysis to follow. For a unique, reliable balance of E-cigarettes are not yet long enough on the market, it is often said that. For many, the face of the E-cigarette to be positive, see it as a Chance to phase out of tobacco dependence in order to reduce the risk to health.

“Electric cigarettes and e-Liquids are becoming more popular, many smokers are the cigarette from the tobacco to Vaping switched and inhale only Liquid from the evaporator of your E-cigarette,” for example in an advertisement.

Problems can also arise when Smoking E-cigarettes

Skeptics fear, however, that, for example, young people could enter the system often referred to as “hip”, presented in E-cigarette tobacco consumption. Also, the world health organization (WHO), 1988, world no tobacco day on the 31. May set, sees this as a potential entry point for nicotine addiction.

“We would have wished, that on the admission of the E-cigarette is only with the help of an adequate research would have been decided,” says a WHO staff.

Also in the case of E-cigarettes to the arteries, heart beat and blood narrowed when user pressure is increased. “The long-term consequences still unknown, but it is assumed that (E-cigarettes) diseases the risk for chronic obstructive lung, lung cancer and possibly heart disease to increase,” says the WHO.

The latest Trend: Iquos – a tobacco heating system

The cigarette industry is constantly changing – and one of the newest Trends is called Iqos. The manufacturer, according to the electronic device, in which a tobacco stick is plugged in is supposed to be less harmful than a “traditional” cigarette. As a “innovative tobacco heating system, the tobacco is heated without burning it, in order to offer you the taste of tobacco without the fire and ashes”, priced by the developer of the device.

Institutions such as the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) to confirm, the selected main pollutants of tobacco smoke – including cancer are reduced substances – significantly. This does not mean, according to the experts, but that tobacco heater are harmless, because it would continue to be included carcinogenic substances.

What distinguishes E-cigarettes and tobacco heater?

“E-cigarettes and tobacco heater must not be lumped in,” says Ute Mons. “E-cigarettes heat a usually nicotine-containing liquid, and the resulting Aerosol contains when used properly, hardly any carcinogenic substances.” However, the Heating of tobacco will lead to reduced pollutants, but the users are still exposed to significant amounts of it.

“Even if not all the questions have been answered: experts believe that E-cigarettes are likely to be significantly less harmful than conventional cigarettes, and probably less harmful than tobacco heater”, says the expert from the DKFZ.