E-cigarettes: not good for the heart

Table of contents

  • E-cigarettes increase the risk for heart attack and stroke
  • As E-cigarettes and the heart damage
  • A new study by the American Heart Association
  • E-cigarettes delay the healing of wounds

E-cigarettes increase the risk for heart attack and stroke

E-cigarettes are enjoying great popularity. Who dares, on the disadvantages of the E-cigarette, is quickly referred to as Mietmaul of the tobacco industry. Because they fear for their revenues and had to make the boats their passion is maggoty. But don’t worry, the tobacco industry has long been in the business. Regardless of whether Altria Group, Reynolds American or Imperial Tobacco, and they all sell for years, your own E-cigarette.

Perhaps the E-cigarette critics are just people – as we are – Worried about the health of their family members, friends and colleagues are doing, and therefore, the message to proclaim, that not and not vaping for all, the best solution would be, of course, for those who want to Smoking loved one or vaping, but in a passive way, of necessity you must do, because in your environment, Smoking and/or vaporizing is Smoking.

In a large so-called pre-study to the American Heart Association showed that Steaming the risk for strokes, heart attacks and coronary heart disease increases. The study was presented in January of 2019 at the annual International stroke conference of the American society for stroke in Honolulu.

As E-cigarettes and the heart damage

In the summer of 2018, a study was published that showed that Vaping increased blood pressure and heart rate accelerated, and thus – so the researchers involved – could damage the heart in the same way as traditional cigarettes. However, unrealistically high nicotine were in this study almost amounts have been in use, so that the results were truly representative.

At about the same time was a study of the University of California . In it was found that the highest heart attack risk for people who smoked and vaporized. Who just evaporated, however, had also an increased risk to suffer from in the foreseeable future a heart attack.

Also in the last year (2018) had the American Heart Association announced that both both E-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes – the blood vessel walls damage, so that this is no longer optimal to expand, what the blood flow is slowing down. This narrowing of the blood vessels exhausts the heart and can lead over time to heart damage.

A new study by the American Heart Association

In the hitherto largest study on the possible cardiovascular damage caused by E-cigarettes – the above-mentioned preliminary study, the American Heart Association – were the data of 400,000 persons from the database of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) were evaluated. It is health-related data from residents of all 50 States in the US.

Around 67,000 people took advantage of regularly E-cigarettes, while more than 343.000 people never deposited. Study author Dr. Paul M. Ndunda, a Professor at the School of Medicine of the University of Kansas in Wichita, summarizes the results as follows:

Compared with the Non-steamers, the steamer had

  • a 71 percent higher risk of stroke
  • a 59 percent higher risk for a heart attack or Angina pectoris, and
  • a 40% higher risk for coronary heart disease.

A higher risk of death did not have the E-cigarette User, according to this study, however.

Worryingly, the researchers found that young people in particular vapor-deposited. Only 4.2 percent of American adults used E-cigarettes, but 11.3 percent of High School students – in this Generation and significantly more cardiac problems and strokes recorded as in generations before, said Dr. Larry Goldstein, a neurologist and Director of the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute.

E-cigarettes delay the healing of wounds

In a further study on the topic of E-cigarettes published in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery – had shown that E-cigarettes exactly like traditional cigarettes, the wound healing is inhibited. The researchers from the Boston Medical center (BMC) found that both Smoking and Vaping – to increased tissue death leads to what is tantamount to delayed healing. Just before and after an Operation should be smoke – Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel from the BMC the best or vaping.

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