Ebola: aid worker to demand Sex for vaccination

For months, the number of Ebola rises-Infected in the Congo. Thousands of people are dependent on aid programmes, and especially on vaccination initiatives. With a new kind of vaccination, which is classified by the world health organization as particularly effective, in order to combat the Virus.

But since then, the help to increase projects in the country, has to fight the country in addition to with a different Problem. The confidence in the labourers had declined, not least because violence against women has increased.

To this result, several NGOs came, who had studied the situation in the Congo. Her results, presented at a Meeting in Beni, a city in the North-East of the country, of which the British "Guardian" reported.

Women are increasingly under pressure

Relief workers should take advantage of, therefore, the situations of women, and in return for their services in sexual activities demand.

In addition to the rising number of sexual assault, violence against women in General, representatives of the NGO "International Rescue Committee". Women would, therefore, responsible for ensuring that the epidemic is more widespread.

"Result überraschend"

Trina Helderman of "Medair" not before throwing one of the groups involved in the fight against Ebola, to protect women sufficiently, as the "Guardian" more reported. "This Region of the Congo has a long history of sexual violence and exploitation of women and girls. Although it is shocking, this is a Problem, the können&quot have been expected;, so hero Mans accusation.

On Thursday, the health Ministry called on in the Congo people to report any kind of sexual assault that takes place in the context of Impfhilfsprogrammen, immediately.

Since August 2018, 510 people in the Congo as a result of Ebola died. The WHO warns that the Virus could spread to Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan. IRC made it clear that dieErgebniss based on previous findings and that the investigation would be continued in the next time.