Faster a doctor’s appointment to get

To long waiting times? To belong to for patients from next year, the past. The new appointment service and supply law, which is now in force.

"Statutory Insured wait too often for too long at doctor’s appointments. We want to change." So the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn describes the goal of the new law. "Together with the Doctors. That’s why those should be better remunerated, which will help to improve the supply. Then it is worthwhile for Doctors, patients in a timely manner to give an appointment. Supply should be better, faster and more digital."

The core of the law of the Expansion of the so-called appointment service forms. You should, at the latest, with the beginning of the new year, the Central contact for patients and 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. In Parallel, the contract, the doctors received the order, to increase their minimum consultation offer. In underserved areas of the physicians ‘ associations must open up their own practices or supply alternatives to offer.

The new law provides for a Four-week deadline for the placement of an appointment. These allow the use of a single nationwide emergency number 116117 agree. In acute patients cases by 1. January of 2020 during the consultation times at doctor’s offices or emergency clinics, or hospitals. The waiting time for a psychotherapeutic acute treatment may be a maximum of only two weeks. In addition, there are Online services to date of service. In order for the dates not only by phone but also online or via the App to arrange.

Doctors should offer, so the aim of Spahn, in the future, in addition to more office hours. The law expands the range of practitioners to be binding on a minimum of 25 hours per week. Specialist groups of the basic supply and close-to-home care, such as conservative professionals, ophthalmologists, gynaecologists, and ENT specialists have to offer at least five hours per week as a drop-in office hours. So without prior appointment.


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