Fresh, frozen or canned – which is healthier?

Can on, peas in the pasta salad. What affects the speed of the preparation, canned vegetables certainly unbeatable. But fresh goods would be the better Alternative? “A difficult subject”, says Monika Bischoff. A variety of studies to be contrary here in regular intervals, explains the Director of the centre for nutritional medicine and prevention at the hospital Barmherzige Brüder, Munich, Germany.

Ultimately, the consumer must know what is important to him, says Bischoff. To be included in the food the Maximum amount of nutrients? Or is it more important that the vegetables were not treated? It needs to go quickly?

Shock freezing is unbeatable

With regard to the nutrient content, was frozen a long time rather than a bad choice. Now, however, is clear: The fruit or vegetable crop frozen fresh shock and preserved this vitamins and other nutrients. “It’s unbeatable, if the spinach is packaged according to four hours. It goes so fast, no time to lose nutrients,” explains Britta Klein from the Federal center for nutrition.

Fresh goods, however, forfeit due to improper or long storage times your force. Also due to excessive Heat nutrients may be lost.

The vitamin losses during frozen goods is very much smaller than one of my commonly referred to, also says Silke rest Meyer of the German society for nutrition (DGE). However, you should prefer to use pure vegetable products – so dear to the pure of spinach, reach for the Creamed spinach. “Then you can determine for yourself how much cream and salt get to it,” says rest Meyer.

Fast and healthy – out of the box?

And also canned food isn’t doing that bad. The nutritional values are somewhat lower than those of deep-frozen goods, or harvest fresh vegetables. In the case of tomatoes, however, canned foods are a good Alternative. Compared to fresh tomatoes they contain more for the body available lycopene, a natural dye. This should reduce the risk of several types of cancer. “Since the canned tomato, the fresh is superior,” says rest Meyer.

Important to know: canned vegetables are added stabilizers, spices and often sugar is added. “The food is sterilized, this heat is used, the can also destroy some of the vitamins,” Klein explains. Is heat sensitive, for example Vitamin C.

Power fruits from the field next door

The best time to buy seasonal and regional, because the scientists are inside United. Because according to Bischoff only a Mature product is the fruit of a “Power, because it is only in the maturity of all of the vitamins and minerals are formed”. In addition, a ripe fruit tastes simply better than one that has a long journey behind. “It can be used in the case of regional and seasonal products are often less pesticides,” says rest Meyer.

Nutritionally, it was possible to feed both food products out of organic production, as well as with conventional foods, will be explained in the rest Meyer. Who is his diet balanced with fruits and vegetables designed, does not need to eat organic, to do his body Good, says Bischoff.

Organic food is promoted, however, the health of the planet, improved the soils and protecting the water, Small. “This is not rate high enough.”