Hay fever – 10 foods to provide help

Table of contents

  • Hay Fever – The Spring Allergy
  • Anti-hay fever-food instead of drugs?
  • 10 food used to treat hay fever
    • 1. Broccoli against hay fever
    • 2. Citrus fruits against hay fever
    • 3. Green leafy vegetables against hay fever
    • 4. Nettles against hay fever
    • 5. Elderberry to treat hay fever
    • 6. Onions, garlic and Apples against hay fever
    • 7. Parsley against hay fever
    • 8. Thyme against hay fever
    • 9. Anti-Hay Fever-Soup
    • 10. Butterbur to treat hay fever

    Hay Fever – The Spring Allergy

    When hay fever is a seasonal allergic Rhinitis that can affect 15% to 40% of the population and always then occurs when the Season changes and the allergens start to bloom plants, which is usually in the spring.

    When the Pollen starts, and the Pollen – miles and miles fly – through the air, and even people far away from the forest and the meadows of life, allergic reactions such as runny nose, cough and eye irritation.

    Anti-hay fever-food instead of drugs?

    Many non-prescription medications for the treatment of spring allergies are available at affordable prices. These drugs can, however, lead to different side effects and therefore, unnecessary follow-up costs, not to mention the additional Suffering.

    Among the most common side effects of such pharmaceuticals, dizziness, headache and sometimes loss of appetite. Why should take these side effects – or even the risk that this could occur – if it is often enough to incorporate special foods in your personal food plan food to beat allergies in the escape.

    10 food used to treat hay fever

    1. Broccoli against hay fever

    Broccoli can hay fever relieve the same in two different ways. The cabbage vegetables – as a member of the cruciferous family, due to its content of anti-oxidant mustard oil inflammation of the respiratory glycosides ways to alleviate what can hay fever and other respiratory diseases.

    Broccoli is, therefore, able to Nasal congestion in addition to – and to free sinuses. In addition, Broccoli is a show rich in anti-inflammatory Vitamin C. researchers that Vitamin C can alleviate the allergic symptoms in hay fever.

    Did you know that Broccoli can be eaten as a vegetable, but also in the Form of a deliciously spicy-fresh Broccoli sprouts, which are within three to four days very easily on the window sill?

    • Recipe: broccoli Detox soup – basic
    • Recipe: broccoli with potatoes and sprouts

    2. Citrus fruits against hay fever

    Citrus fruits are known to be also good Vitamin C suppliers. A large Orange 100 milligrams of Vitamin C. give them Together with the Broccoli, you are treated very well.

    Of course, you can also use other citrus fruits like Grapefruits, lemons, tangerines, limes, etc. for Shakes and juices. However, if you choose for fresh fruits and freshly squeezed citrus juices. To canned fruit and bought juices, they better take a bow. Information about the difference between purchased and freshly squeezed juices you can find, for example, in this article: Self-squeezed juices

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    • Recipe: orange-pineapple juice with Spirulina
    • Recipe: Creamy Orange-Date Juice
    • Recipe: Citrus-Granita

    3. Green leafy vegetables against hay fever

    Green leafy vegetables are rich in carotenoids and other antioxidants. These are secondary plant substances that can combat allergic symptoms.

    They attack so – whenever possible – Kale, spinach, Swiss chard and other dark green vegetables, and prepare these with a little bit of high quality olive oil, to promote absorption of the fat-soluble carotenoids or drink this vegetable relish in a green Smoothie.

    If you like the leafy vegetables consumed together with a source of Omega-3 fatty acids such as linseed oil, it combines two Anti-hay fever agent. In addition to the antioxidants, the Omega-3 fatty acids of allergic reaction to counteract.

    • Recipe: Kale salad with Quinoa
    • Recipe: Colorful garden salad – vegan and alkaline
    • Recipe: spinach salad with orange-sesame Dressing

    4. Nettles against hay fever

    Without the nettle is an Anti-hay-fever-diet is not an Anti-hay fever diet. The nettle relieves those inflammatory processes associated with allergic symptoms. How can that be, where the nettle contains personally a lot of Histamine, so just those substance that the body produces during an allergic reaction is in Excess?

    Precisely because of their histamine content, the nettle is to seem to have a very positive impact on allergic diseases. You can use it to give the organism the ability to adapt to certain histamine quantities.

    Nettles can be freshly harvested and juiced or as a vegetable (such as spinach) are cooked. Nettles can also be drunk in Form of tea or nettle capsules to be taken. Also nettle seeds are an excellent way to enter into the enjoyment of all the advantages which the nettle has to offer.

    • Recipe: Stinging Nettle Smoothie
    • Recipe: stinging nettle Pesto – tasty and healthy
    • Recipe: nettle soup to detoxify – basic

    5. Elderberry to treat hay fever

    Elderberry strengthen the immune system, they are often praised as THE natural flu remedies. However, not only in the case of influenza, the deep black berries are a blessing, but, apparently, also in case of allergies. The elderberry contains incredibly high amounts of various antioxidants and phytonutrients. Presumably it’s the berries the unique composition of all these substances and the large amount of flavonoids in the elderberry, the impact is so beneficial to inflammatory processes, so that allergic symptoms can be improved. You can drink either fresh elderberry juice or from the solid tire is a low-sugar jam here of the berries.

    6. Onions, garlic and Apples against hay fever

    Quercetin is another powerful plant substance, which can be used as a weapon against allergies and quite similar to anti-histamines. Among the foods that are particularly rich in Quercetin, onions, garlic and Apples. So if you regularly Quercetin is the way to ensure that the spring is passing by without having to deal with the exhausting symptoms of an Allergy.

    • Recipe: Onion Pizza
    • Recipe: Onion-Leek-Soup
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    • Recipe: Apple-Cabbage Salad

    7. Parsley against hay fever

    Also parsley is one of those foods, which the release of Allergy-causing Histamine can prevent (Michael Castleman, “The New Healing Herbs“ (Rodale, 2009)). Parsley can be used very well in soups, salads and especially good in green Smoothies.

    • Recipe: Parsley-Hemp-Chickpeas-Pesto
    • Recipe: parsley salad – vegan, and base excess

    8. Thyme against hay fever

    The healing and Würzkraut thyme is an extremely effective natural expectorant that provides at the beginning of the upcoming spring Allergy, the mucus production decreases. For this purpose, thyme and even some pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, the greenhouse can be very effective has antimicrobial properties, which are in the control of infections due to excessive mucus formation.

    In order to make Use of the positive effects of thyme, you should prepare twice a day a tea made from fresh thyme.

    • Recipe: Kohlrabi filled with thyme sauce
    • Recipe: Thyme-Onion-Bread

    9. Anti-Hay Fever-Soup

    Almost all of the previously mentioned ingredients, a wonderful soup, with highly anti-allergic Potential prepare. The Anti-hay fever-soup is made in the following way:

    You boil an onion with its peel, and a clove of garlic in a pot with water. Now, add a Cup of chopped Broccoli and cook the mixture for five minutes. Add a Cup of nettle leaves, half a Cup of with chopped celery, a Cup of mixed green leafy vegetables, and some fresh thyme. Boil the soup again for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the onion skin. Finally, add chopped parsley and season the soup to taste with herb salt, black pepper, turmeric, Curry or whatever you like. Good Appetite!

    10. Butterbur to treat hay fever

    While we have previously discussed, the food, the hay fever can relieve, or prevent, the fruit of a medicinal plant, which is only taken in small doses. The leaves and roots of Butterbur contain the so-called Petasine. You can inhibit Allergy-inducing reactions, but should not be used in young children and persons over 65 years of age. In the choice of Butterbur preparations, you should also pay attention to the fact that these are free from alkaloids of Pyrrolizidine.

    In the case of a large British Meta-analysis found that in five of the six studies analysed the Butterbur allergies could mitigate. Swiss and German researchers found out in these studies that the Butterbur was as effective as pharmacy-only medicines (antihistamines) with the active ingredient cetirizine. A Butterbur eased extract Sneezing, itching, running runny nose and watery eyes in just five days – and without the antihistamines typical side effects.

    Food, hay fever, promote

    In addition to the recommended food, which can relieve a hay fever you should avoid in any case, the food, the hay fever can increase. In General, it is known that a diet promotes many animal foods, such as meat and dairy products, the emergence of hay fever and other allergies. A healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can relieve hay fever.

    Probiotics used to treat hay fever

    Scientific studies also point increasingly to the fact that the emergence of allergies and hay fever due to a disturbed intestinal flora. A healthy intestinal flora, strengthens the immune system and allergies, and other diseases arise in the first place. A colon cleansing in combination with the use of a particular probiotic is combat therefore a natural measure to allergies.

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