Health insurance companies should pay according to Spahn-Plan genetic testing on embryos

The statutory health insurance funds, according to the will of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) in the future, ethically controversial preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for couples to pay for, despite the history of serious hereditary diseases to a child, want to get. This is the Amendment to the date of service of the law, is the editor-in network in Germany.

It is, with the assumption of costs will be traced in the Performance of the funds, the decision of the Bundestag from the year 2011 to allow the PID in exceptional, narrowly defined cases. A payment by the funds means for the affected couples is a huge relief, since the PID can cost up to 20,000 euros.

A total of three Attempts at Implantation in the uterus is to be paid

In preimplantation genetic diagnosis outside of the body produced embryos are examined prior to Implantation in the uterus to genetic Defects. After year-long debates in the Bundestag in 2011, had allowed the PID pairs in which both partners have a predisposition for a serious hereditary disease or the risk of a stillbirth or miscarriage is very high. Spahn himself had at the time, voted in the Bundestag against liberalization. Critics argue that the PID would lead to discrimination against Disabled people and that paves the way for the creation of “Designer babies”.

A prerequisite for reimbursement by the funds is, according to the Amendment, couples wishing to use the PID, including artificial insemination, are married to each other. In addition, only Egg and cells of the spouse’s semen can be used. It is planned that a total of three Attempts will be paid for the Implantation of the studied embryos in the uterus.