Kayla Itsines Makes A Compelling Case For Using Different Towels To Wipe Your Face And Gym Equipment

You know those gym rules you just assume everyone *knows?* Like, not to hog the machines and to put your weights back once you’re done? Well, wiping down your sweaty equipment (and self) is kinda like that – except there’s a right and a very wrong way to go about it.

Taking to IG stories during the week, trainer Kayla Itsines opened up about her acne struggles and shared a few fitness faux pas that she realised had been contributing. On the list? Using the same towel for both her bench and bod – something many of us (*raises hand*) are guilty of.

“Do NOT touch your skin at the gym!!” she wrote after posting a side-by-side snap of her complexion. “I was so upset in this photo, my skin was so sore. The other side of my face was so much worse, but I was too 
embarrassed to take a photo of it.”

She explained how heaps of the gear at the gym is ridden with bacteria and unless you’re super careful, these germs can spread onto the skin and result in painful breakouts. Her biggest tips to avoid this?

“1. Do not touch the treadmill handles – if you do, clean your hands afterwards. 2. The cable attachments at the gym are so dirty (bring hand sanitiser). 3. The mats at the gym are covered in sweat – bring your own. 4. Bring a CLEAN towel to the gym. 5. Do not put it in the same bag as your dirty gym shoes. 6. Change your pillowcase every second night. 7. Do not touch dirty gym equipment and then wipe your hands on your face. 8. Do not use the same towel you use to put on the benches to wipe your face with!”

Kayla added that by following these eight rules – as well as adopting healthy habits and following a simple skincare routine – she had stopped her blemishes from rearing their heads (no pun intended). And judging by the before and after pic, she makes a pretty compelling case for practising good #sweatiquette.

Brb, off to invest in another gym towel.  

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