Lena Dunham's Newest Tattoo Is An Homage To Dealing With A Hidden Illness

Girls creator Lena Dunham has long been vocal about the extent of her hidden illness: candidly filling her followers in on the effect that her endometriosis has had on her life.

And now, she’s revealed a new tattoo, which appears to be an homage to her health issues. The inking is of the word ‘sick,’ detailed in a looping font that appears to be designed to look like a piece of rope.

The caption reads: ‘Sometimes the thing you’re most scared of being called is the best thing you can call yourself. thank you @havenstudiobk for labelling me… and to my sisters in this dizzying but starry slog- I am lasso’d to you!’

The actress and writer underwent an elective hysterectomy in February 2018, as a last resort to deal with the pain of the disease, in which the tissue that lines your uterus starts to grow elsewhere in your abdominal region. This can cause agony, as well as issues with fertility.

Tagged into the post are five women who also deal with chronic health conditions. These include endometriosis awareness campaigner Jay Bock (@lifeabove_endo) and filmmaker Jennifer Brea (@jen.brea) who recently underwent a craniocervical fusion and spinal surgeries.

In terms of the reaction from the 32-year-old’s followers who also deal with chronic illness? They’re mixed: and it’s spiralled into a bit of a debate in the post’s comments.

User @ellalalou said: ‘I think this is quite regressive. As someone who lives with chronic illnesses I would never physically label myself as synonymous with that word. I never saw you with that label before – only the strength of being you despite illness. Just like me. You sticking that word behind your head also sticks it behind mine.’

But @steph_herrera_24 disagreed, saying: ‘This is so inspiring. For you to dedicate your life to a cause far beyond yourself is just plain amazing. The struggles you’ve endured, but to come out on the other side committed to the rest of us #EndoWarriors?!?! Just in awe of you and your journey, @lenadunham. I’ll never forget the brief conversation we had before SXSW last year at the ATX airport. Your genuine kindness and concern for MY wellbeing was nothing short of impressive. Blessings in your journey ahead. ?? You deserve it all.’

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health UK. 

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