Lisa Snowdon health: Presenter’s health ‘challenge’ and how she got her confidence back

Lisa Snowdon, 47, began her journey to fame as a model in her own right. Spotted by a Premier Model Management agent at the age of 19, she soon became one of Britain’s top fashion models. Naturally wanting to look and feel her best, Lisa has put emphasis on her health over the years. And as an inevitable part of getting older, has experienced issues both mental and physical. Speaking to, the star revealed the challenges she’s run in to as she’s got older and exactly what she does to maintain her health.

The challenge I’ve run into as I have gotten older has primarily been my hormones; irregular periods and those kinds of ‘women’s issues’ really that I have had to be more aware of

Lisa Snowdon

She revealed: “The challenge I’ve run into as I have gotten older has primarily been my hormones; irregular periods and those kinds of ‘women’s issues’ really that I have had to be more aware of.”

To help with these hormones issues, Lisa turns to supplements – one in particular – Seven Seas Perfect7.

She added: “It’s great that Perfect7 includes B6 which is good for stabilising those hormonal issues.”

Another thing the supplement has helped Lisa with is her confidence.

Research released by Seven Seas Perfect 7 found men are more confident in their younger years than women, with one fifth reaching their peak confidence in their 30s.

In contrast, women admitted their confidence grew more steadily throughout the years as they got life experience under their belt, with over a quarter peaking in their 50s.

In response to the researcher, Lisa said: “I was really interested in the research Seven Seas had conducted where women see a spike in conscience 50 plus. That really excited me.

“I have definitely felt more confident in the last few years than I did when I was younger. I’m at a really good place in my life at the moment where I feel very comfortable in my own skin and in my body as weak as with my relationships which allows the confidence to come fat more naturally than maybe it did before.

“I still get nervous when I go on This Morning or do a talk and I think I always will but it’s the confidence in myself which I only see growing stronger.”

As such, Lisa has partnered with Seven Seas Perfect7 to support its confidence curve campaign.

The former model added: “As we are getting older we have more confidence to do things we want to. We realise time is ticking and therefore we want to go out there and grab life with both hands and embrace it and do things we haven’t done before.

“I think the link between Seven Seas is that the vitamins and omegas and all the goodness that’s in each capsule and tablet is really important to boost out vitality and out health in order to do those things.

“I take Perfect7 Plus every day – I wouldn’t promote something I didn’t believe in fully and use myself. There are so many great benefits to the supplement that help you inside and out.”

Lisa admits to taking a holistic approach to her health by paying attention to her whole body and mind.

She said: “I love to exercise, it helps me feel stronger and boosts my boost through releasing endorphins and raising the serotonin levels in your brain which helps you be positive and lower your stress levels. When you exercise you aren’t just taking care of your physical health but your mental health as well which is really important.

“I really believe in healthy body, healthy mind and vice versa so you have to look after one to look after one to look after the other.

“It’s good to have good habits, good routines, good diet and lots of water. It’s also so important that you have healthy relationships. When you have that kind of support and a healthy attitude then the rest kind of falls into place.”

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