Losing weight: Should you eat during a diet Avocados?

Avocados are an essential part of many diets that rely on wholesome and natural foods – including, for example, the obese Keto diet or the Mediterranean diet.

The reason is that Avocados contain a relatively high number of healthy fatty acids, which carry, among other things, that we feel full longer.

Sounds okay, first of all, as the green is fruit perfect for those who want to lose weight – but that’s true really?

The answer Kris Sollid, head of the Department of nutrition communications at the International Food Informational Council Foundation provides, compared with ‘Popsugar’.

Avocados provide nutrients, but calories are bombs

The green fruit is considered a Superfood and the expert, quite rightly: “Avocados are one of the fully most significant foods you could eat,” stresses Sollid.

“But although Avocados are filled with many nutrients, you have more calories than most other fruits and vegetables,” she explains.

Just look at the pure Numbers, so a normal Serving (about a third of an Avocado), there was already around 76 calories. Who half an Avocado, eat that, take this, about 114 calories, a it be even approximately 227.

Although Avocados have a higher Kalorendichte as other fresh products, it is the expert that is important to pay attention to the serving size: “to eat More calories than the body needs, is what causes a weight gain – regardless of the food from which these calories come,” she explains.

Avocado can be a part of a healthy diet

In order for your Avocado consumption will not run out of control, you should make sure that the green fruit as to see a part of a healthy diet – and to not rely exclusively on it.

If you take Avocados alternately with other good fat sources such as walnuts, Flaxseed, seafood, and healthy Oils, and protein-containing foods combined, then the fruit can fit wonderfully in a diet diet.

The size of the portion should be left with all of these healthy fats is never out of sight, however, according to Sollid less important than the choice of fat source itself: “The type of Fat you eat is more important than the quantity,” she says.

Concretely, this means that even the consumption of a whole Avocado with the concomitant consumption of about 227 calories, better for the body than to take the same amount of calories from unhealthy fats.

For comparison: a Burger has 295 calories only a little more than a Avocado and stinks in the consideration of nutritional value and satiety is still clearly against the Superfood.

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Avocado can be eaten in many healthy species

There are many different recipes with Avocados – boredom and monotony should not arise so quickly.

“Use Avocados for Breakfast, in Omelettes, for lunch in Sandwiches for a healthy Snack, as Guacamole, or combine it with seafood for dinner,” says Sollid.

Optimally, a combination with protein is always that because Avocados contain only about 2 grams per 100 grams. Who adds a healthy source of protein, helps the body best, build muscle and burn again, calories and increase the metabolic rate of the body.

Another Plus: The mixture of fat and Protein makes full longer.

Judith Kerstgens

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