Make your important life decisions immediately after having sex, experts say

You might not have heard the phrase ‘Post nut clarity’ before but it's often used to refer to the feeling one has immediately after having an orgasm.

It is a momentary phase when the body relaxes and the mind forgets about all of life’s little stresses. The feeling can last from just a few seconds to a few minutes.

In that moment, one can feel a range of emotions from satisfaction to regret, depending on the situation.

For some people who are generally highly anxious and stressed, it’s the only time they’re able to stop thinking and start existing in the present.

For others, however, it is the best time to actually start thinking, as they find all the mental fog that usually prevents them from concentrating on important tasks is all of a sudden removed from their mind.

In Japan, there is even an official word for post nut clarity – KenjaTaimu – meaning ‘wisdom time’.

Speaking toMen’s Health , Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., a urologist at Orlando Health, explained the phenomenon saying: “There are likely different degrees to this clarity, as some men may feel relaxed and fall asleep after ejaculating, while others may feel inspired and ready to work on other tasks.”

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Brahmbhatt continued: “MRI studies have shown increased activity in the limbic system (emotion centre) in your brain before sex. This area of your brain has areas responsible for memory, fear, aggression, and other emotions.

“Then after sex, our dopamine levels drop, and there’s a rise in prolactin. This change in hormones seems to be the reason for the length of the refractory period, but it also can potentially account for ‘post nut clarity.’”

Intimacy coach Pallavi Barnwal, meanwhile, toldVice: “Immediately after sex, when the need for satisfaction is complete, we gain a newfound motivation to actually work, make decisions, and look at things more clearly.”

Justin Lehmiller, PhD, a social psychologist and research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, concurs, telling theCosmopolitan: “Once someone experiences orgasm, their thinking can become more clear.”

Experts from Love Sex Toys also told theMetronewspaper: “When you’re horny, that’s all you can think about and you need to let yourself go before you can put your mind to anything else.

“Before this point, your thoughts can feel very irrational and stressed, but this subsides once you have scratched the itch, if you will.

“This could mean that the clarity is confused with relief but it means you’re in the mind frame to think of other things.”

Counselling Directory member Tabitha Bast, added: “‘Orgasms make the parasympathetic nervous system start calming the body down, and that may make you feel a lot more zen about decisions, especially ones that may be motivated by anxiety or anger.

“It’s probably a good time to have the more tricky conversations with your Mum or your boss: but put your pants on first.”

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