Man is showering with contact lenses – and is blind in one eye

Nick Humphreys wore his contact lenses almost every day, in every Situation – a serious error. Because after a normal shower, the contact lens wearers lost due to infection the vision in his right eye.

“When I was mid 20’s, I started to make a lot of Sport. And then I thought to myself, my glasses was a massive obstacle,” said the now 28-Year-old, the US newspaper “New York Post”. “When I had finally overcome my fear of Inserting contact lenses, I thought that would be the Best ever.”

Nick was wearing the contact lenses regularly since then – up to five Times a week. On a normal Morning, he got up, put his contact lenses, went to the gym, showers and to the office. “I didn’t think anything of it. I was never told that I should wear it in the shower, no contact lenses. There was no warning on the packaging, and my optometrist also mentioned never a risk,“ said the Briton.

Acanthamoeba Keratitis can cost the Affected the eye

In January of 2018, Nick noticed a scratch on his right eye. He considered that he had scratched when Inserting the contact lenses only, but in the course of the week, it was clear to him that it had to be something more Serious acting.

Eye drops only helped temporarily. Nick went to an optician, who sent him immediately to the hospital. The Doctors suspected a so-called Acanthamoeba Keratitis. A rare eye infection that can have devastating consequences. Is caused the infection by tiny organisms in the water. Nick could have shower added. A Test should provide clarity.

In the case of travel to work is suddenly blind

“I had never heard of the infection, but when I got home, I turned immediately to Dr. Google and all of a sudden I stood there with the thought that I have my right eyeball must be removed,” recalled Nick.

The Test was positive – a shock for the young man. For weeks the British fought with eye drops in order to his eyesight, however, in March 2018, he was on his right eye suddenly completely blind. “I was driving to work and suddenly I could see nothing more,” said Nick.

Physical and emotional pain

In addition to the physical pain, the mental came. Nick was depressed. “I felt in my absolute low point, and the one thing that could cheer me up is to play football was possible.”

For the Doctors to stop the infection, don’t have a horn networking over skin. In this procedure, the horn is hardened using ultra skin-violet light and Vitamin B2 drops.

Lost eyesight in spite of stopped infection

The infection could be stopped, the vision in his right eye, Nick is not recovered but. However, the Briton fought his way back to life. “I was finally able to return to work and start to go to the gym,” says Nick.

Now, the 28-Year-old is working with the charity “Fight for Sight”. Together, they want to raise awareness of the dangers to which people are exposed when Wearing contact lenses while showering or Swimming.

“I’ll never wear contact lenses”

“I can honestly say, if I had known even the slightest danger, I would have worn no lenses. It is important that the people out there know that this is reality and that it can also happen with something as Normal as a shower,“ warned Nick.

A Chance on his vision, the British by the way: a cornea transplant. This is a healthy, clear horn will be replaced in skin of a deceased donor against his own. “If I can see again, I’ll never wear again contact lenses,” said Nick.

Danger from the line: woman goes blind almost, because she’s wearing in the shower contact lenses

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