Meat increases the level of cholesterol – plant-based diet lowers him

What is the effect of meat and vegetable food values on the cholesterol?

The negative effects of red meat consumption on our cholesterol levels should now be sufficiently well-known. Now, it was found that white meat can increase the cholesterol levels in the blood as much as red meat.

In the current investigation of the Touro University California it was found that the consumption of large quantities of poultry, this also leads to a higher level of cholesterol in the blood, such as the consumption of red meat. The results of the study were published in the English journal “the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”.

The meat of chicken or Turkey is also referred to as white meat. For a long time it was believed that red meat increases cholesterol levels more than white meat. This does not seem to correspond to the truth. (Image: rainbow33/

Plant-based diet leads to a healthy cholesterol level

In the study, three different forms of diet were examined: A Form contained red meat, the second Form consisted of white meat, the third Form was a plant-based diet. It turned out that only the plant-based diet was associated with a healthy level of cholesterol in the blood. The researchers had expected when planning your study is actually that red meat does not affect the level of cholesterol in the blood stronger than white meat, however, this was not the case. The effects of both forms of the diet on the cholesterol were identical, explain the authors of the study.

How does white meat on our cholesterol?

The results of the study showed that, although the Participants in the group exhibited with the high-saturated fatty acids have a higher total – and LDL-cholesterol levels than the Participants in the group increased with the low-saturated fat, both the red and the white meat of the LDL level, regardless of how much saturated fat was contained in the food. In other words, white and red meat has the same effects on the level of cholesterol in the blood, the researchers reports. Too much LDL-cholesterol from the saturated fats can accumulate in the blood vessels of a Person, Plaque cause, and the risk for a heart attack and a stroke increase.

What is the influence of LDL particle have?

The Team also looked at so-called LDL-particles of different size. LDL or low-density lipoprotein are as bad or unhealthy cholesterol known. In General, LDL particles of medium and smaller size are more dense and heavier, and some Doctors suspect that they do not compromise the cardiovascular health. Slightly larger and less dense LDL-cholesterol particles are less harmful for cardiovascular health as these small, dense particles, as long as a valid assumption. Recent studies have been published on the Website of the International Atherosclerosis Society, suggest, however, that both small and large LDL particles may increase the risk of plaque formation and subsequent atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The current investigation showed that no significant differences in the amount of LDL particles of different size occur after the consumption of white and red meat. Eating a lot of saturated fat was associated with higher concentrations of large LDL particles. Overall, the researchers found that these large LDL particles increased in the diet with red meat and white meat compared to plant-based diet stronger.

Further research is needed

The Team acknowledged that their results speak against the current government dietary guidelines that poultry as a healthier Alternative to red meat recommend. However, there have been no comprehensive comparison of the health effects from the consumption of red meat, white meat and non-meat proteins. In addition, other effects from the consumption of red meat could lead to heart diseases and this should be investigated in further studies, in-depth, and to challenge the researchers. (as)