Mr Universe hopeful swaps food for his own URINE

Mr Universe hopeful claims he feels better than ever after swapping food for URINE five days a week – but his wife refuses to kiss him

  • John Moniz-DePass bathes in his year-old urine, which he stores in the fridge
  • Claims he sleeps better and is ‘more lively, energetic, vibrant’ as a result
  • Wife Dora Moniz-DePass is ‘disgusted’ but feels she has to support her husband 
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A former Mr Universe competitor has swapped food for urine, with him getting by on the nauseating ‘drink’ five days a week.

John Moniz-DePass, 46, of Ontario, also bathes in his year-old urine, which he stores in his family’s fridge. 

The ex-bodybuilder and father-of-three was once a fruitarian but recently took his extreme lifestyle a step further by existing almost solely on his own liquid waste. 

Although he claims to feel healthier and more energetic than ever, his stomach-churning ‘diet’ has taken a toll on his relationship, with his ‘disgusted’ wife Dora Moniz-DePass, 45, refusing to kiss him until hours later.

John Moniz-DePass has swapped food for urine, with him getting by on the nauseating ‘drink’ and almost nothing else five days a week – and he hopes to one day cut out food entirely 

His wife Dora Moniz-DePass (pictured together) was initially ‘disgusted’ by his nauseating ‘diet’. Although she has since accepted it, he is still not allowed to kiss her until hours later

His habit for drinking his urine has also affected his children, who dislike the smell. The couple are pictured with their children Michaila (right), 15, Sierra (left), 14 and seven-year-old Anike

Speaking of his ‘diet’, Mr Moniz-DePass said: ‘A couple of years ago I began to reduce my meat and noticed changes right away. The pain I had experienced started to reduce almost within a day or two.

‘I slept better, felt better. My body is now more lively, energetic, vibrant.

‘I’m able to communicate better, I’m able to express myself better. I’m more self aware and sleeping better. I can breathe more deeply.’

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During his bodybuilding career, Mr Moniz-DePass – who now works as a weight-loss coach – weighed 15st 10lbs (220lbs), and would obsessively consume calories and protein to build muscle.

After starting a family and giving up bodybuilding, his weight went down to 12st 12lbs (180lbs). Mr Moniz-DePass now runs a fitness company from home with his wife.

On the five days a week when he consumes nothing but urine, Mr Moniz-DePass’ weight can drop to just 9st 4lbs (130lbs), with him getting by on less than 3,000 calories over the week. And he hopes to one day give up food completely.

Speaking of the effect his diet has had on his relationship, Mr Moniz-DePass said: ‘My wife has gotten over her initial disgust, distaste and judgement of me, and has come to see how [drinking urine] has benefited my life.

‘Although she’s not joining me in a drink, she’s no longer being an additional resistance. 

The former body builder claims he feels better than ever after ditching food for his liquid waste

Desperate to make her children feel their home life is normal, Mrs Moniz-DePass buys candles to mask the smell of her husband’s urine and banishes him to the bathroom while he drinks it 

Mr Moniz-DePass (pictured left in the gym) claims he is ‘more lively, energetic, vibrant’ than ever. He also credits the nauseating diet for giving him his ripped physique (seen right). After not eating for five days at a time, his weight can drop to just 9st 4lbs (130lbs)

Mrs Moniz-DePass, who runs a fitness company with Mr Moniz-DePass (both pictured), claims she ‘has to support him’ and is just happy to have a ‘energetic, happy husband’

Mr Moniz-DePass – a former fruitarian – drinks fruit juice if hungry while on the extreme diet

Pictured while working as a bodybuilder, Mr Moniz-DePass weighed 15st 10lbs (220lbs), and would obsessively consume calories and protein. He quit the profession after starting a family

Mr Moniz-DePass starts the day by sipping his own urine from a beaker, with his wife banishing him to the bathroom to help mask the smell. 

Mrs Moniz-DePass, a ‘detox specialist’ said: ‘My initial reaction was total disgust. The urine was in my fridge and that’s not okay with me.


In 1945 John W Armstrong – a British naturopath – published a book claiming drinking urine could cure all major illnesses, however, there is no scientific evidence supporting this. 

The logic is urine contains compounds that can be reabsorbed to improve the body’s ability to fight disease and provide other detoxifying benefits. 

Professor Henry Woo, a urological surgeon at the University of Sydney, said: ‘There is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest urine therapy has any therapeutic value.

‘Those who drink their own urine do nothing more than make a mockery of themselves.’

Although urine is often described as sterile, it is actually rich in bacteria that live naturally in the urinary tract. 

While these are ‘good bacteria’ when in the UT, they may be dangerous if consumed. 

And drinking your own urine is particularly ill advised if you are battling a UT or bladder infection. 

Although often touted as a survival strategy if stranded on a desert island, drinking your own urine actually dehydrates you further due to it being high in salt.

It also forces the kidneys to process toxins that have already passed through the organs, raising the risk of infection.   

‘John didn’t tell me he was into urine therapy until I smelt it and saw it. I was mortified. I thought it was a phase he was going through but then it became his lifestyle.’

Although Mrs Moniz-DePass accepted her husband’s bizarre diet after around six months, she then struggled to come to terms with him drinking it ‘aged’. 

‘It’s really quite horrendous,’ she said. ‘He keeps it for about six-to-12 months before using it.

‘He bathes in it too. The smell is quite aggressive for about 10 minutes and we do fight about it a lot.

‘But he knows now when he does take a urine shower he must open the windows, put the fans on

‘He takes the urine showers about four days a week that I know of, but he’s in the basement so it could be more.’

Although perhaps more understanding than most, Mrs Moniz-DePass refuses to let her husband kiss her after he sips his own liquid waste.  

‘I love nice smells and cleanliness, so it’s hard to kiss him without having that fear of smelling urine,’ she said. ‘He would have to have it in the morning then kiss me in the evening when there’s no smell. 

‘I have to support him – it’s not ideal but I can’t argue with him anymore about it. I’m just really glad to have my energetic, happy husband.’ 

The couple’s two teenager daughters – Michaila, 15, and Sierra, 14 – also struggled to come to terms with their father’s diet.  

‘It’s still quite challenging for me as a mum of teenager girls and trying to hide the smell from them,’ Mrs Moniz-DePass – who is also mother to seven-year-old Aniken – said.

‘They don’t see it because he has it in the bathroom but they don’t like the smell.

‘I mask it now by buying diffusers and candles around the house. I do that to make it more helpful for the girls to get used to.’


Facebook groups have been set up to encourage people to drink their own urine.

The groups – which are largely closed to the public – urge followers to consume and bathe in the liquid waste, claiming the bizarre craze boosts energy, cleanses the body and even cures cancer.

But there is no scientific evidence drinking urine has any benefits, with the nauseating act potentially throwing off the body’s hydration and even exposing it to dangerous bacteria. 

As if drinking your urine was not disgusting enough, some advocates are even ageing it first – as if it was a fine wine.  

In a public group, one member claims ‘nutrition is a myth’, adding she has ditched food in favour of a urine-only diet.

The same member also claims to be a breatharian – a person who believes it is possible to reach a level of consciousness where they can get all the nutrients they need from the sun or air. 

An anonymous member of one of the Facebook groups said she was ‘loving’ so-called urine therapy after adopting the nauseating trend two months earlier 

Another posted the extreme lengths she went to in order to enjoy a ‘fresh brew’, claiming she told her friend she was going to ‘gargle with water’ in her bathroom 


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