New York imposed measles state of emergency for parts of Brooklyn

After an increase in measles cases in New York city mayor Bill de Blasio has declared a state of emergency for parts of the city district of Brooklyn. Anyone who live in certain Parts of the district, Williamsburg, had to get a shot for the measles, said de Blasio on Tuesday at a press conference.

Otherwise, penalties of up to $ 1,000 (about 890 euros) threatened. Since October 2018 285 cases of measles were registered in New York. In 2017, there were a total of only two cases.

In the affected Parts of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews live mainly. According to the "New York Times" the city has been fighting for months against a measles outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn. For this, they worked together with rabbis and flyers distributed in order for more parents to get their kids immunized – with little success. The "New York Times" reported for Fake News. In brochures and Hotlines would be spread that vaccinations trigger autism, and the Serum with cells of dead fetuses.

Measles are highly contagious and can lead to potentially fatal brain inflammation. Also in Germany the number of reported cases is increasing. By the Robert Koch Institute were recognized this year nationwide, already over 200 diseases. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) called for mandatory measles vaccinations for children in daycare centers and schools. "From my point of view it makes in respect of community facilities Sinn", he said. In a number of countries worldwide, there is currently a major measles epidemics.