Nurse warns women to stop vacuuming their vaginas to end their periods

Following news of the worrying trend, Daily Star Online sought further advice from a medical expert.

Shamir Patel, pharmacist and founder of online pharmacy Chemist 4 U, also warns against the dangerous trend.

He said: “The idea of someone trying to vacuum up their period is honestly baffling to me, it’s clearly a terrible idea!

“Your body’s menstrual cycle is a natural thing, and some women suffer from worse symptoms than others when their time of the month comes around.

“However, surely trying to get it over with more quickly by using a vacuum hose to suck out the remaining blood and tissues is not going to help and could only make things worse.

“The amount of suction that a vacuum hose could put your insides through is more than enough to move some blood, and could cause permanent damage that will be much more difficult to manage than your average menstrual cycle.

“And as if that weren’t enough, your vacuum cleaner is a far cry from sterile medical equipment, so trying to put it into your vagina could lead to other medical complications, such as infections or worse.

“We all know that periods can be frustrating, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and a whole lot more, but taking such dangerous measures to get it over with could only make your problems much, much worse.”

The health expert added: “If your periods are causing you a lot of pain or discomfort, you find that you bleed a lot during your monthly cycle, or you have any other period related problems, I’d recommend that you speak to your doctor or local sexual health clinic.

“Medical professionals will be able to offer you the help you need without having to resort to sticking a vacuum hose into places it really shouldn’t be.

“Thankfully, I’ve never heard of period vacuuming being a common trend, and I truly hope that nobody is going to see the idea floating around on the internet and try it out for themselves.

“Please, don’t attempt this fad if you value your health!”

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