Obesity: Is carbon dioxide in a Fattening?

Everyone knows that Cola and co. are not only bad for the teeth, but also the thick can make. A new study has now identified a further Fattening: carbonic acid.

Those who drink a lot of mineral water, to do something Good with it, but also sparkling mineral water is a cause of Obesity?

Water is not just water

Without water, it is not the case, it is necessary for us. At least 1.5 liters should we drink per day, on whether the tap water or mineral water is, is no matter.

A recent study from Palestine, was recently a connection between carbonic acid and weight gain and warns that mineral water with carbon acid can have even though it contains no calories – has a detrimental effect on our body weight.

Carbonic acid makes you hungry

The scientists found that carbon dioxide expands the stomach and this pressure on the cells is exercised, produce the hormone Ghrelin.

Ghrelin is often referred to as the hunger hormone because it stimulates the appetite. In animal experiments, the researchers found that rats who drank for a year sodas and carbonated water increases faster than the animals, the soft drinks and water without bubbling.

In addition, the acid group in the Coal, the Liver lipid levels of bad. As the scientists studied specifically twenty men after the consumption of mineral water with carbonic acid, were able to confirm that ghrelin increases in values as a result.

Ghrelin is the only hunger hormone

Other hormones that stimulate Hunger, such as Leptin, Glucagon, Serotonin, or Cholezystokonin. They have not been taken into account in these studies. To make carbonic acid and Ghrelin now a major Problem, however, seems exaggerated, since the measured effect is pronounced enough.

Prior to this study, which was published in the “Obesity Research and Clinical Practice Journal”,, dealt in 2011, for example, a study from Italy with this phenomenon.

Ghrelin is an appetite stimulating, it also makes you happy – maybe we will enjoy our refreshing sparkling drinks so much? Not to mention beer and sparkling wine, which also contain carbonic acid.

Anyone who wants to lose weight should pay attention, less carbonic acid. All the other could make quiet even aware of, whether you take a lot of or maybe a lot of drinks with carbonic acid, and this may change.

But at an average weight and a balanced diet you occasionally partaking in drinks with carbonic acid are hardly thick.

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