Only severely impaired adults receive a grant, the want to change the Green

The Greens are demanding that the glasses will in the future be paid for all Insured persons of the statutory health insurance funds. “Good to See must not be a luxury,” said the health policy spokeswoman of the Green parliamentary group, Maria Klein-Schmeink, the editorial network Germany (RND).

According to the current rules, you must be almost blind, in order to get health insurance benefits, criticized them. Then the grants are puny and with a disproportionately large bureaucratic effort. “This must change. For those who rely on glasses, you should have the right to solidarity-sponsored benefits of the statutory health insurance,“ said Klein-Schmeink.

In a request for the Bundestag, the Greens propose a gradual Expansion of benefits, the cost of health insurance skyrocket. In a first step, those who get entitled to full reimbursement of costs, the need to have a pair of glasses with at least /- 5 diopters. Half of the costs should be assumed in the case of a refractive ab /- 2 diopters.

Only children and severely visually impaired adults to be subsidized

It is also required for a discharge of the Hartz-IV-recipients. “The proposals mean significant improvements for over 40 million people with visual Impairment in Germany, which would no longer have to Worry that the purchase of a new pair of glasses to income burden,” said Klein-Schmeink. The objective has to be Insured a full refund of the cost for all.

Prior to 2004 the funds of all Insured persons paid, depending on the thickness of the refractive error of up to 100 euros per glass. In the face of high deficits in the health insurance subsidies for adults were abolished, but at the time, which brought savings of around 500 million euros. Since then, the cost will be refunded only in the case of children and young people under the age of 18 years. Since 2017 adults with extremely strong visual impairments re-benefits. The frames must always be out of pocket paid.