Partnership: a Matter of relationship doubts are completely normal

We all have ideal concepts of love and relationships: everything has to run perfectly, one must always understand and never be unsafe.

It is completely normal and not a cause for concern, if you have doubts from time to time, whether or not the Partner is really the Right thing to do.

What’s behind it?

Especially in today’s time, where, thanks to Tinder and co. the Pool of possibilities is greater than ever, we have subliminally sometimes the feeling to miss something.

There could be someone out there that looks even better, even funnier and fits better to us.

These doubts have their origin, however, is often in ourselves. They occur in you, you should ask yourself, what could be the reason: you fear to be hurt? Are you lacking something in your current relationship? Do you want to be on a long-term perspective will not be disappointed?

A roller-coaster ride of emotions

Of course it would be nice if in a relationship everything is always running smoothly, and the feelings are still strong as on the first day. A realistic expectation is, however, not In a partnerships On and Abs, great stages, and not-so-beautiful.

It is quite understandable, in a difficult time in question, whether that should really have been anything.

Basically, this is actually a good sign: the one Who ponders and Worries, the other is not yet important, throws off the relationship reckless. From such a Phase, you can go even stronger than before.

Doubt as a tool

“The occasional need to be Accounted for can have a positive and stabilizing effect,” explains psychologist Lisa Fischbach to ‘’.

“If partners to reflect on the relationship and realize what is currently going well or is missing, the greater the Chance to take on responsibility for the relationship and to talk with the Partner about disagreements.”

This means that doubt can be a signpost for change. Try not to displace them, or small talk, but engage with them.

– Speak with your Partner about it, very probably a common solution to be found.

A conscious decision

The point is, that in the end it is not the doubt wins, but your decision to stay. You choose your Partner again, and very aware of what can improve the relationship immensely.

This, however, is only when you put your Worries aside and try to ignore, but you really started this story. The emphasis is finally on a conscious decision.

Don’t Worry

As I said: doubts are completely normal. Engage with them, but don’t concern yourself too much about it. It is of little use to make therefore.

In the course of the relationship, you can always show up again. Listen behind the question to you and learn from you.

But beware: If your doubt can’t manage to eliminate, and you’re continuously on your relationship in question, is also a sign you should listen.

To be occasionally, not sure is there is no reason to worry if you’re never, you should listen to what your inner voice you …

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