Researchers propose competencies for proper use of artificial intelligence in health care


Family medicine professional associations have sought to identify how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can support primary care. The associations have launched initiatives that bring together AI experts and primary care clinicians to tackle these challenges.

In this study, researchers propose six domains of competency for the effective deployment of AI‐based tools in the primary care setting:

1) foundational knowledge (what is this tool?),

2) critical appraisal (should I use this tool?),

3) medical decision making (when should I use this tool?),

4) technical use (how do I use this tool?),

5) patient communication (how should I communicate with patients regarding the use of this tool?) and

6) awareness of unintended consequences (what are the “side effects” of this tool?).

Through thoughtful development of these competencies, the primary care workforce can use AI to ensure that this digital revolution realizes its potential for the benefit of patients, clinicians, health systems, and society.

The research is published in The Annals of Family Medicine.

More information:
Winston Liaw et al, Competencies for the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Primary Care, The Annals of Family Medicine (2022). DOI: 10.1370/afm.2887

Journal information:
Annals of Family Medicine

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