Samia Longchambon health: Coronation Street star’s ‘awful’ condition – the symptoms

Samia Longchambon, 36, joined the cast of ITV’s Coronation Street back in 2000, but just last year, she decided to speak publicly about an “awful” and “all consuming” mental health issue she suffers with. In a lengthy message on her Instagram she uploaded a picture with the quote: “Anxiety isn’t something that goes away; it’s something you learn to control.” The reveal came in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week, and she began the caption with “As it’s #mentalhealthawarenessweek I thought I’d post this.”

I’ve suffered with anxiety since I was 11 (and possible before that, but that was the first time I saw my doctor about my inability to ‘get a deep breath’)

Samia Longchambon

The star went on to explain: “I’ve suffered with anxiety since I was 11 (and possibly before that, but that was the first time I saw my doctor about my inability to ‘get a deep breath’).

“It is something that comes and goes with me, but when it’s there it’s awful and all consuming.”

Samia also took the opportunity to send support out to others who also suffered with anxiety.

She said: “I’m not gonna patronise but I just wanted to send love out to all people having a daily struggle.”

In February this year, Samia took to Instagram again to reveal daily yoga helps her to deal with her anxiety.

Alongside a picture wearing her yoga gear she wrote: “After trying many different methods over the years to help with my #anxiety the one main thing that makes a difference for me is daily #yoga practise.

“I find that it helps calm my thoughts, gain perspective and appreciate the ‘now’ instead of worrying about the future.

“And a little bonus is my body feels a lot better for it too, not just my mind.”

In an interview with The Mirror she also credited her husband Sylvian for his support and for knowing what to do when she’s having a particular bad attack of anxiety.

She divulged: “Sylvian is also brilliant at knowing what to do to help.

“If I am having a panic attack he will hold me really tight and reassure me in a calm voice that everything is going to be OK.”

Symptoms of anxiety disorder

The health body says you may have anxiety if:

  • Your worrying is uncontrollable and causes distress
  • Your worrying affects your daily life, including school, your job and Your social life
  • You cannot let go of your worries
  • You worry about all sorts of things, such as your job or health, and minor concerns, such as household chores

If you think you have anxiety, see your GP.

Another Coronation Street star who’s spoken about their battle with anxiety is Simon Gregson. 

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