Steph Claire Smith Has Shared A 25-Minute Prenatal Pilates Workout

Haven’t heard the news? Well, power duo Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw have officially announced their new program, KICBUMP and part of their health and wellness app, Keep It Cleaner.

With both prenatal and postnatal programs, the exercises, grounding meditations and educational videos were created to support women through their pregnancy and beyond.

“Obviously we have an online health and wellness program so for me it just kind of made sense. I saw so many articles online with polarising opinions, I just felt a little overwhelmed by it, to be honest,” Steph told Women’s Health on how the program came about. “I think one thing I learnt about being pregnant and speaking to other pregnant women is that we want to be told what we can do, and not focusing on the things we can’t do – because that’s the messaging I saw online.”

The Prenetal part of the program will be guided by KIC’s very own Pilates instructor and mum-to-be, Christina Traychevska, focusing on building and maintaining strength throughout pregnancy. To give you an exclusive glimpse, Steph has shared with us a 25-minute pilates workout that is available as part of the app!

Give it a go below:

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