Study reveals: How often happy couples have Sex

The health-promoting effect of Sex has been proven scientifically sufficient. It was just a question of how often should you be with the Partner in intimate poses. A study seems to have found an answer.

Couples that devote themselves to, very often, the game of love, are happier than those who have only to Sex? This question is a study, according to the British news portal "Unilad" reported.

The App Happify, which is working according to their own information, on the Basis of scientific knowledge, with the various forms of happiness, had stopped some of the love couples to double the frequency of the common sexual intercourse about three months.

The happiest couples have Sex only once a week

As a result, the head of the study noted that the increase in sexual contacts led automatically to an increase in the perceived satisfaction.

The managers in the survey believe that frequent Sex reduces the fun of the game of love and, accordingly, the Desire for a sexual with each other is on the decline.

The happiest couples have, according to the study, on average, only once a week Sex. They indicated that weekly Sex was sufficient completely to an intimate relationship with the Partner to maintain, writes "Unilad" with reference to the results of the survey.