Study: Stress has a big impact on our weight

Eating under Stress leads to a greater weight gain

It is known that Stress is hard on our physical and mental health and to lead, for example, migraines, digestive problems and anxiety. If people can’t deal properly with Stress, you frequently on foods with lots of sugar and fat, to help you to cope with your Stress. Researchers found that the consumption of such food leads to Stress to a greater weight gain than when the same food is consumed in a stress-free Situation.

In the current study by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Medical University of Innsbruck, it was found that the consumption of foods with lots of sugar and fat leads to Stress to the consumers to take a lot more weight than you do this without Stress. The results of the investigation were published in the English journal “Cell Metabolism”.

Rushing to eat in between the stomach and intestine loaded. Current investigation has shown that the consumption of food contributes under a lot of Stress to a significant weight gain. (Image: ajr_images/

Mice were under Stress and more weight

It was examined in the new study, such as Stress or lack of Stress affects weight gain in mice with a calorie-rich diet. The Team, under the direction of Professor Herbert Herzog from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research found that the mice in the stressful environment with the same food increases more in weight than animals from a stress-free control group.

What is the role of the molecule NPY plays in weight gain?

The researchers asked themselves, what could be the cause of this unusual weight gain. After further investigation, they discovered that a molecule called NPY stress eater drives. The production of NPY is suppressed, the excessive weight gain. People are not able to suppress the production of NPY completely, but we may be able to limit the production, by reducing Stress and the consumption of processed foods to avoid, explain the researchers.

Stressed mice had higher insulin levels

It turned out that the production of NPY reflect seems with our Insulin to be related, since the stressed mice had higher insulin levels than animals in a stress free environment. These increased levels of insulin increased the NPY-values what to eat to more Stress and led to a higher increase in weight. The results show, therefore, a true vicious circle, in which chronically high, due to Stress-driven insulin concentrations, and a high-calorie diet to promote a greater intake of food, the researchers say. In General, the consumption of Junk Food is not recommended. Such food is taken, however, under Stress, this increases the weight gain significantly, what leads to a greater risk of obesity, say the authors.

To protect against Overweight and obesity

Most people from food and to Stress, unhealthy food. This is quite normal. In the study, it was not, however, a food consumption with occasional Stress, the researchers dealt with chronic Stress, in conjunction with the consumption of processed foods. The results show that such a diet is the main reason for an unhealthy weight gain. If you concentrate on it, to reduce your Stress and to reduce the intake of processed food (especially with Stress), you can reduce your risk for excessive weight gain, Overweight, and obesity. (as)