The best beach workout to do on holiday

It’s holiday season – and that means, sea, sand, all the cocktails and all the food.

But going abroad doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your fitness goals. Unless you want to of course.

If you’re aiming to stay on track, even if you can’t get to the gym – you can work out on the beach. The added bonus is that running around on sand will get your lower body working even harder than normal.

We asked Beachbody Mastertrainer Diana Wright to come up with the a simple beach workout that you can squeeze in before your buffet breakfast.

‘I am heading off to Marbella at the end of September with a group of friends, if you are like me you‘ll know that means late nights, partying and my food will be a little off plan, so I have designed this little beach burnout AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) to do whilst I am there to keep me in tip-top shape.

‘I have no idea what I will have access to when I am on holiday, so all you need for this workout is some great tunes and a timer.

‘Simply do a 10 minute warm-up – walking through the moves at 50% effort, adding in a little dynamic stretching, then set the timer for 20 minutes and start the workout.

‘Five reps (10 for the mountain climbers) of each of the six exercises is one round, aim to complete as many rounds as possible in the 20 minutes. Note your score and you can try to beat it next time.

‘I always track my heart rate for this kind of work out and would expect it to be in the 80%+ range for most of the workout.

‘When I’m finished, I will do a short cool down, possibly a dip in the pool or the sea, before heading to breakfast.’

The best beach workout for your summer holiday

T shuttle

Works your lower body

Draw two lines in the sand – three meters long to make a capital T shape.

Start at the bottom of the T, sprint to the top of the T sidetracking to one side, then sidetrack all the way to the other side before returning to centre, then running back to return to the start.

Count every time you return to your base.

Do this for five reps.

Squat lunge combo

Works your lower body

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides, keeping knees out above your feet.

Squat down while raising the arms out in front, return to standing arms back to sides then perform one jumping lunge on each side driving the arms like a sprinter to aid the movement.

Aim to get your back knee as close to the ground as you can keeping a tall posture.

Two Squats and two Lunges = one rep.

Do this for five reps.

Muay Thai burpee

Works your full body

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down shoot your legs back to a high plank, perform one push up, then jump your legs back to the hands.

Return to standing then perform one Muay Thai style knee with each leg.

This is one rep.

Do this for five reps.

Triple bear

Works your full body

On the ground, come into a bear pose – hands under your shoulders, knees hip-distance apart and two inches off the sand, stacked directly under hips, flat back.

Keeping the spacing, hop your feet to one side then back to centre then to the other side.

Three jumps = one rep.

Do this for five reps.

Dive bomber push-up

Works your upper body

Start in a high plank position, drive your hips back and up until your body makes an inverted V shape.

With legs straight throughout, flex your arms, driving your chest down and forwards (imagine moving under a low hurdle as chest passes hands straighten the arms to end up in an upward dog position with the hips low.)

Then reverse the movement back to the start for one rep

Do this for five reps.

Mountain climbers

Works your core and upper body

Start in a high plank position. Alternate driving knees forward between your elbows, whilst keeping your hips in position, count every second rep.

Do this for ten reps.

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