This Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding In Australia in 2019

Wedded Wonderland recently surveyed over 500 brides who married in the last 18 months to determine the cost of a ceremony in Australia, and the results are very surprising. According to the results, the cost across almost all fronts has increased over the past two years, with the over 2019 media cost of a wedding being $53,168. 

The survey also revealed that couple’s priorities are shifting when it comes to spending on celebrating their big day with Honeymoon, Engagement Ring and Entertainment coming it at the highest cost. 

“The spread this year is a lot broader in terms of spend, with more couples spending more, and more spending less. This means the actual average is not indicative of what most couples are actually spending. Budget weddings are sitting at the 10-20k mark, whereas luxury spend is excessive of 100k,” Wendy El-Khoury, founder of Wedded Wonderland, says. 

“Also, Grooms are splurging on the engagement ring making this a priority in budget and spend. We do think Instagram has something to do with the influence of size, colour, clarity, and proposal moments in general!”

“Couples’ are also becoming savvier online with product purchasing including gifting, stationery, accessories, and styling components for weddings.” 

Interestingly, Wedding Day transport was one of the most significant increases, almost doubling from last year. But, what’s even more interesting is that 36% of brides and grooms caught an uber or taxi, or drove themselves, to their wedding.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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