Vitamin D deficiency causes Obesity

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  • Not a diet without Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D helps weight loss
  • Vitamin D sends signals to the fat burning
  • Vitamin D deficiency also leads indirectly to Obesity
  • Lack of Vitamin D fix

Not a diet without Vitamin D

For years, it seemed to be incredibly easy, excess weight. Because it was always the same: Burn more calories than you take in. And? Is it easy to lose with this rule, weight? Well, not always.

The body is not in a pre-Form presses, and to respond to the touch of a button, and also not in the same way as perhaps other body. Every body is different. Therefore, Obesity is at each person as a result of other causes complex.

A wrong, or to exuberant nutrition, and lack of exercise were a part of. Other factors in Obesity the genes, but is also the hormone situation, the age, the Stress to which a Person is exposed to, the condition of its mineral supply (keyword: Magnesium ), the degree of its Acidity, a possible toxin exposure, and much more are actually.

Vitamin D helps weight loss

Another factor that can contribute to Obesity, have pointed to a Vitamin D deficiency – what in recent times several studies.

As reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) (1) of a study according to which women during a weight-loss diet also your Vitamin D levels with Vitamin D preparations on the car in front, more weight lost than those women who are not Vitamin D revenues, or whose Vitamin D Level was too low.

Another study, which was published by the same magazine (2), showed that the advantages of a weight loss a lower Blutddruck, reduced blood sugar and insulin levels and lower blood fat levels – in the case of those study participants were more marked, the had taken during their diet with Calcium and Vitamin D.

The third study from the year 2009, in the Journal Medical Hypotheses (3) is reported. It was here found to be Overweight that people of Asian-Indian descent and insulin resistance (a diabetes precursor) tended to be, if you are suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency.

How concrete can contribute to Vitamin D to increased weight loss, unfortunately, is not resolved. However, there are a number of such speculation.

Vitamin D sends signals to the fat burning

Some scientists suggest that specific Vitamin D receptors, which sit on the fat cells that tell the cell whether it should burn its contents (the fat) to energy in the Form of excess weight for bad times to store, depending on whether they are activated by Vitamin D or not.

Also the brain cells that control metabolism as well as Hunger and satiety, have Vitamin D receptors. Vitamin D, lack the ability to function to these cells, and it may come to a lack of or estate in the sense of satiety.

Just as it has been shown that Vitamin D can reduce systemic inflammation (chronic but unnoticed inflammation of the whole organism). Chronic inflammation, however, has long been associated with increased Obesity.

Therefore, it is recommended, particularly on an adequate Vitamin-D supply, if you can just reduce not Overweight, although it actually takes up less calories than you consume daily.

Now people with ideal weight might think that Vitamin D should interest you. Finally, you want to lose any weight.

Of course, the optimization of Vitamin D levels helps only when you Reach a suitable weight, and does not lead to under-weight, as you might think.

Apart from a Vitamin D deficiency leads not only to Obesity (in some people), but to many other health problems, so that really everyone should deal with this Vitamin and not just Overweight.

Vitamin D deficiency also leads indirectly to Obesity

So a low level of Vitamin D can lead to depression, wherein the depression-related fatigue and listlessness to a degree of inactivity and this can in turn result in Obesity.

Just as a Vitamin D deficiency with blood sugar problems is put in context and this can also lead to Obesity, to Diabetes, of course.

Even serious problems such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or Multiple sclerosis, it always brings back with a Vitamin D deficiency. Both diseases often restrict the mobility of the Affected and the the excess weight on the Plan.

In addition, patients of the two diseases referred to often receive cortisone preparations. One of the most important side effects of cortisone therapy is, however, a partially immense Obesity.

A Vitamin D deficiency can lead both directly and indirectly to Obesity and should be fixed in any case.

Lack of Vitamin D fix

The best Vitamin D sources in the diet consist of fatty fish (Vitamin D is a fat-soluble Vitamin), such as cod, tuna, mackerel and salmon. For vegetarians and Vegans, the very most fungi come into question, particularly those of the UV-exposed to light (i.e. no breeding of fungi, which are mostly drawn in the dark).

However, not able to keep up with the food, the level of Vitamin D at a healthy level.

Since Vitamin D or its precursor may be under the influence of the sun radiation in the skin by the organism itself produces, in particular, the sun is a very good opportunity with a really high Vitamin D levels.

What are the factors that can interfere with the body’s formation of Vitamin D, however, and what you therefore, Vitamin D supply must pay attention to, you can find here:

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