‘We have personal responsibility to others!’: Doctor utterly frustrated at anti-vaxxers

Covid-19: There is a 'responsibility' to be vaccinated says doctor

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COVID-19 mutations are a common occurrence but the latest variant – Omicron – threatens to outsmart the antibodies produced by the current vaccines. More than ever, it is important to get a booster vaccine shot to supercharge the body’s immune response. However, a leading expert on coronavirus has warned a specific group in society threaten this essential effort.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, professor Beate Kampmann, vaccinologist and specialist in infectious diseases, lambasted anti-vaxxers for their callousness.

“Individual choices are important but we also have a responsibility towards other people who might get seriously ill,” prof Kampmann said.

She continued: “As a physician for sure, I would also take that responsibility.

“We’re working with communities to try to alleviate issues of trust.”

Prof Kampmann cited the current evidence which points to the efficaciousness of the vaccines.

“I’m so happy that we’re in the space where we’re now compared to last year,” she began.

“We’re not out of the woods – we’re in a position where vaccines are 94 percent effective and protecting us against death and hospitalisation.

“They are 60 to 70 percent effective even to prevention infection and hospitalisation figures have gone down so much.”

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