What The Full Flower Moon In Scorpio Means For Your Sign

Autumn is officially in full swing, which means it’s perfect weather to rug up, grab a bottle of wine, lay out a blanket, and spend the evening with a date or your besties watching the full moon rise in the sky. Is there a better way to enjoy the crisp air and golden leaves? Yeah, didn’t think so.

And while full moons always look drop dead gorgeous, that’s not even the best part. Every full moon has a special meaning, and that includes the next full moon, a.k.a. the “Full Flower Moon.” It’s happening on May 18 in Scorpio, and it’s going to have a **big** impact on your emotions, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta.

Here’s what you can expect from the full flower moon, and how it’s going to affect your life. 

What is the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio?

Backing up a sec…during the full moon phase, the entire moon is lit up, so you can see it in its, er, full glory. This particular full moon is called a “Flower Moon” (or Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, or Corn Planting Moon, depending on where you’re from).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean the moon is going to spew out flowers or anything. (I know, I’m bummed, too.) Instead, it’s a name Native Americans have given to the full moon that happens this time of year. They thought this full moon marked a time of increasing fertility, with temperatures still warm enough that it’s considered safe to give birth, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

How will the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio impact your zodiac sign?

Scorpio is a passionate sign that’s super sexy (you know what I’m talking about), and you’re going to feel that with this full moon. “It will really rev up your hormones,” Page says.

During the full moon, you’ll feel passionate and maybe even a little obsessive or possessive about your S.O. or someone new you’re into. You may find yourself cyber stalking someone on Insta or be tempted to try to hack your partner’s email (eek). Just do your best to resist the urge since, you know, nothing good can come from snooping. Instead, channel that passion into something more productive, like planning a romantic night out (or in) for your partner.

The Full Flower Moon in Scorpio isn’t all about romance, though. Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, is going into Cancer at the same time, meaning you’ll stop at nothing to get around the obstacles in life. Basically, you’ll want what you want, when you want it—and you’ll be d*mned if anyone (or anything) is going to try to slow you down.

The Full Flower Moon in Scorpio will affect all signs, but Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius will feel it the most. “The full moon will give them a nudge in the areas of life they have been ignoring [in which] they know change is necessary or desired,” Page says. 

What does the full moon in Scorpio mean for the rest of your year?

Tbh, it really depends on what you do during this time. If you let that possessive energy take over, and you get caught “perusing” your partner’s phone, you might find yourself dealing with relationship repercussions for weeks or even months after the fact.

On the flip side, if you use this time to push through obstacles you’ve been facing, like asking for a raise or finally tackling that DIY bathroom project you’ve been meaning to do forever, you could definitely enjoy the fruits of your labour for a long time afterward.

Basically, try to keep yourself in check during this full moon—and use those new supercharged motivational powers for good. 

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US. 

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