Without Jump: Fitness-Star MadFit: 10 minutes HIIT-Workout with no Jumping

In fact, you do not need to take all the effective Workouts are always the way to the gym to themselves.

HIIT Workouts can also be easily pulled without Equipment at home – provided that the neighbours play.

If this is not the case, this is no reason to skip the fitness routine. Fitness Influencerin Maddie Lymburner now shows the perfect HIIT Workout for the own four walls – without any Jumping!

MadFits Community counts more than a Million Followers on YouTube and on your Instagram channel the sporty blonde motivated to regularly check your Fans to challenging Workouts and a healthy diet.

10 minutes HIIT-Workout with 5 Exercises

With the right execution you will bring this HIIT Workout is guaranteed to break a sweat- and with very little Equipment.

All you need is a yoga Mat or a corresponding pad and a dumbbell to adjust the weight of your current level of Training.

So geht’s: Each of the five Exercise will run for 45 seconds, then pause for ten seconds. Do two rounds.


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1. Tips to Toes

In the first Exercise, your balance is in demand sense, because here’s your Balance and stability training.

Put you flat on your back and extend your arms and legs. Now you turn on and put on your legs.

As soon as you are seated with bent legs, supporting you on a Hand and the opposite foot, squeezing your Butt in the air and touch it with the free Hand to the opposite leg.

2. 8er movement with High Knees

For this Exercise you need a dumbbell. Maddie reaches into your Video to ten pounds – but you can also, of course, with a little less or completely without starting, if it is you for the beginning to hard.

Start in a hüftbreiten and hold the barbell in front of your torso. Now you winkelst alternately one knee and pull it as high as it goes.

In the process, you lead your dumbbell in the eight-shaped movements from side to side through the air – the weight is always on the page that you are lifting just your legs.

3. Squats

The next version is a slightly modified Form of an Exercise that is certainly familiar with: Squats.

Since this would be too easy, are you saving after each knee, a leg flexion, alternately, straight up and touch your foot with the opposite finger tips.

Your head and upper body of the movement, your hands follow.

4. Planking

The next Exercise is known to you perhaps from some of the HIIT Workouts: Planks.

To go down to the forearm support and the span of your body.

In order to increase the level of difficulty, back to you now, alternately, one foot and the opposite Arm a bit to the outside and back.

5.Reverse Lung

The last Exercise asks again to all of you – muscle soreness is guaranteed.

The Reverse Lunges are a variation of lunges where you stay, however, stand on the spot and alternating legs back and make sure with the front leg in the knee to go.

In this Workout you supplements, however, still a trifle: as soon As you have disposed of the rear leg, federst you from the front of the knee is still a piece up and put your foot down only a bit to the inside and then back outside.

So effective the Workout is

The Workout is perfect for a quick Routine at home, but can also be in the gym or outdoors by powered.

In addition, the Exercises are perfect for beginners.

If you find the Exercises to easy, increase the number of seconds of the executions, or the number of individual rounds. If you’re already a professional, you can incorporate heavier Weights.

If you are looking for so the next Time after a way to bring you home within ten minutes to correct your limits to test this easy-to-HIIT-Workout – your neighbors are guaranteed to notice nothing.

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