You Can Score AncestryDNA Tests For $50 Off On Amazon Today

  • Amazon Prime Day includes $50 off AncestryDNA Tests.
  • The tests provide interesting information about your heritage and personal traits delivered to your computer or to the app.
  • The sales includes two test kits, AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity and AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity + Traits.

People are seriously obsessed with AncestryDNA test kits, and if you’re one of them, well then you’re in luck. The highly-anticipated Amazon Prime Day sale is here, and it’s offering$50 off AncestryDNA kits.

So, if you’ve been considering getting one, but the normally high price has kept you from adding it to your cart, today’s the day to make it happen. After all, these kits from AncestryDNA make it ridiculously easy to learn more about you and your fam. All you have to do is send away a saliva sample and wait for a whole bundle of interesting information about your heritage and health to arrive at your computer or smartphone app.

The best part? There’s a kit for everyone (yes, really, everyone). If you’re looking to fill in the blanks about your family history, the AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Kit is a great option and it’s only $49 for Prime Day.

It has a new DNA experience, which gives you more ways to explore your DNA matches. You can also connect to more precise regions so you can see where your family really originated from and gain unexpected insights into your past to better understand your current self.

If you want even more, the company has the Genetic Ethnicity + Traits Kit. This combination kit usually costs $119 but, thanks to Prime Day, you can buy it on Amazon for a mere $69. That’s a sweet 60 percent off.

This expanded kit provides even more insight into your unique genetic makeup. You’ll receive info on how your genes might have influenced a range of personal traits, including appearance and sensory perception. Some of the recently added traits also include birth weight, facial hair thickness, vitamin C, wisdom teeth, and more.

Here’s how both kits work: Once you receive your kit, you swab your mouth for saliva, and send in that DNA sample. Then, the company matches your sample to DNA profiles around the world. (Btw, AncestryDNA has a network of 15 million members and more than one billion family connections.) Soon enough, you’ll get an analysis of your ancestry in return. Oh, and the company narrows down your origins to specific regions, not just general countries, giving you helpful details about your family’s history.

AncestryDNA also compares your DNA sample with millions of other samples, which could help you locate long-lost living relatives. A little spit can certainly go a long way.

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