You Should Skip 'Healthy' Candy on Halloween

Halloween can be a rough day for dieters who want to celebrate but are worried about overdoing it on the candy corn. That desire to watch calories may lead some to search for the “healthiest,” or most nutrient-dense, type of Halloween candy.

“Candy is candy,” says Abby Langere, R.D. “Whether it’s fat-free gummies or dark chocolate or organic whatever, there’s no real health benefit to choosing one over the other,” she tells Men’s Health.

Products that boast antioxidants, fiber, or any other positive attributes are using a health halo to market their goods, she says.

And while a couple of fun-sized Snickers bars may offer two grams of protein, which is more than say, Dots, most people aren’t eating candy to get nutrients.

“I guess peanut M&Ms might be a bit more satisfying when all is said and done, but I wouldn’t eat candy with nuts because it’s healthier or higher in protein,” she explains. “It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.”

So, how can a dieter celebrate the holiday without worrying that it may deter their weight loss efforts?

Just eat the candy you like best and move on, knowing that you can also eat candy any other day you want, Langer advises.

“You’re not a kid anymore; unlike when you were little and had no money, you can now go out and buy the exact same candy 365 days a year. So really, there’s no reason to devour an entire bag of mini chocolate bars on October 31.”

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