Maisie Williams Opens Up About Her Mental Health: I Used To Hate Myself

She might be this innocent looking girl, but you can’t just get over the way she stole the show in GoT season 8! Ever since Maisie Williams got her big moment in the most epic TV series ever, she has become a fan-favorite. Of course, the young actress is enjoying the love and appreciation, but when it comes to feeling the pressure of celebrity life, she is not an exception.

After her best friend and co-star Sophie Turner recently shared her encounter with depression, Maisie also revealed facts related to her own mental health. Being a public figure, the star felt the pressure of acting perfect all the time and pretending to be someone else, which took a toll on her mental well-being. Not just that, but the 22-year-old spent a huge part of her life with a feeling of self-hatred.

The tendency to hate her own self affected her mind to an extent that led to overthinking. As she describes, “there were times when I was talking to my friends, and in the background of my mind, tons of thoughts were going on simultaneously. And all that was about what were the foolish things that she said to others and what image she might have created in people’s minds.

Although now Maisie has taken the first step towards improving her mental health by being genuine, she admits that there is still a long way to go. But the good part is – she now has a realization that one has to figure out on their own about the root cause of all those negative thoughts that keep racing inside the mind and lead to hating oneself. About this impressive performer, we are sure that she will overcome every obstacle that comes across her on this journey, just like her on-screen character Arya!

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