Woman Who Struggles With Labia ‘Wrapped Around My Underwear’ Calls Out For Help

We love our lady parts, don’t get us wrong. But we’ll be the first to admit that sometimes things, uh, get in the way. You know, like when your boobs hit you in the face when you’re working out. One Reddit user agrees, but her struggle is with a different part of her body: her labia. 

“I experience discomfort most of the time as my labia get wrapped around my underwear, are painful when riding a bike, as well as others things,” user ladylabs wrote. “They also get in the way during sex, get jammed inside my vagina accidentally, as well as the other joys.”

She also said that she’s been considering a labiaplasty, or surgery to reshape the labia, and asked women who had the procedure to share their experiences. 

“I had it done years ago and I'm so glad I did!” one user commented. “Having constant discomfort down there, especially during intimate moments, really took a toll on me mentally. I wish I had done it sooner.”

Another wrote: “I had one 12 months ago. It wasn’t done by a plastic surgeon, just a gyno. First time round was under general anesthetic [sic] and the recovery was rough I’m not going to lie. They botched one side & it wasn’t even, so I had a revision done again just with local anesthetic [sic]. The recovery here was much easier, but maybe that’s because I knew what to expect.”

It hurt to urinate for a few days after the procedure, that commenter explained, and she also noticed an odor that persisted for awhile. She was also disappointed to learn that “labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction are two very different things.” 

“I now have reduced labia at the back, but the front area is still very much an issue,” she wrote. (Her doctors avoided that area in order to prevent reduced sensation, she explained). “Although it’s improved things, I still have ongoing issues with rashes and discomfort at the front area.”

Another user agreed the recovery from the surgery is painful. “It took about a week for me to be able to walk normally and for it not to burn when I peed,” she wrote. “Be careful, that region will look very swollen and very blue.”  Still, she said, the pros outweighed the cons. “All in all, I'd do it all over again for the benefit it has brought me!”

Overall, most of the women who commented said they were glad they got the procedure. It may not always go perfectly, but almost all said it was worth it in the end. 

“I had it done about 2 years ago, and I’m really glad I did it!” one user wrote. “Now, your labia more than likely aren’t going to look smooth and perfect, so if you’re just doing it for aesthetics, it might be a gamble. However, it’s definitely worth it if what you want is to be more comfortable in clothes, and while running or cycling, you know?”

Of course, research shows that there’s no such thing as a “normal” vagina, and there’s a huge variety in size, shape, and color when it comes to what healthy labia should look like. If you’re experiencing discomfort or other unpleasant symptoms, however, it’s never a bad idea to talk to your doctor about potential solutions.

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