Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Warrior Performing 'Maintenance' at the Zoo is the Cutest Way to Kick Off Your Weekend

With her tiny hammer and the cutest animal-print pajamas, 18-month-old Grace Warrior is ready for work! Most toddlers are busy playing with toys or eating snacks (or getting into trouble), but not Grace. She takes after her mama Bindi Irwin with a passion for wildlife conservation — and a sense of responsibility to take care of her beloved Australia Zoo. Luckily for us, Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell captured the adorable Grace at “work,” and it is will definitely bring a smile to your face on this Friday morning!

“When everyone goes home for the day, Australia Zoo’s maintenance crew heads to work!” the Crikey! It’s The Irwins star captioned the video on Instagram today. “Our girl loves exploring her big, beautiful backyard. I’m so grateful she gets to grow up surrounded by animals and spectacular gardens for adventuring. ❤️”

The video begins with Powell, who says, “Now, I’m sure some of you have wondered what happens at the Australia Zoo after all the animals have gone to bed and everyone is clocked off for their work day. Well, we’re here with special, behind-the-scenes footage of a certain someone who starts their work day as soon as everybody’s gone home.”

That special someone? Grace, of course! The little girl is dressed in white pajamas with kangaroos and other animals, which is totally on-brand for the Irwin family. She is holding a hammer and a bucket, with her messy brown curls tucked behind her ears. 

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“You know, I can honestly say I didn’t know that the Australia Zoo maintenance team uniform was pajamas,” Irwin jokes in the video.

First stop: the bridge! Grace walks down the wooded bridge to inspect the rail for safety. “Are you doing maintenance on the bridge? With your tiny baby hammer?” Irwin asks Grace.

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Next, she takes a short break to spot a bird in the sky, then it’s back to work. “Well you made sure everything was fixed on the bridge, you found the birds, what’s next?”

Grace babbles her answer, which Irwin has helpfully written subtitles for. One baby gibberish means, “That sign needs repairs.”  Another means, “Gonna need a work order.” We are crying laughing — she is just so cute! 

When she toddles near a fence, Irwin warns her off — “Grace, I think maybe that fence is OK.” The protective mama doesn’t want any on-the-job injuries!

The video ends with Irwin saying, “Grace Warrior is … Australia Zoo’s maintenance crew. She’s a crew of one!”

People were loving this adorable little girl, with one person commenting, “😍😍😍 I can’t with those cute pajamas and how in charge she is. Love the self-confidence!! The most adorably cute little badass wildlife warrior!! ❤️❤️❤️” We couldn’t agree more.

“She’s the crew of cuteness 😍,” another person wrote.

“Go Grace, your cuteness alone would win you maintenance employee of the year!!!👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍” someone else said.

Grace approaches her work with such curiosity and dedication, which is honestly an inspiration. She is just too cute for words! We’re going to be playing this one on repeat this weekend.

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